Dislyte: Crisis Training team

Crisis Training is one of the various game modes in Dislyte, however, you need to use specific teams to ensure that you receive the most rewards.

Dislyte is an adventurous video game that takes place in a modern, mythological world. Unfortunately, the world is being attacked by powerful enemies, and in an attempt to defeat them, ordinary citizens have transformed into divine beings with supernatural powers.

There are several enjoyable activities and events in the game, one of which is Crisis Training. Some players are curious to know what the best team for the activity is.

Sea of Sorrow

From Tuesday, 2 May 2023, until Friday, 19 May 2023, players can participate in the Sea of Sorrow event.

During this time, you can follow Tang Xuan and Trevor’s footsteps to find clues about the assassination organization, The Crows, on a luxury cruise ship.

It is worth noting that you can only enjoy this event once you have completed Story 4-16 on easy mode. The map and entrance of the Assassination Contracts and Crisis Training events will be unlocked during the event.

You can join the events to get Incognito Bullets and complete the stages to receive the Crow Coins.

Dislyte: Crisis Training team
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Dislyte: Crisis Training team

In the Crisis Training event, players can complete Agent Club and reach required Player Ratings to get rewards.

These rewards include but are not limited to, Shimmer Records, Gold Records and Inferno Records. Gamers can also be rewarded with Legendary Abilimon and Nexus Crystals.

In order to receive the most rewards, you need to use the correct team when you are participating in Crisis Training.

Unfortunately, there is no way to have a universal team in Dislyte. Therefore, you should custom-build your teams for the activity that you want to participate in.

Players should remember that the Crisis Training teams change based on the effect. For example, one of the Crisis Training missions requires players to stack all inferno Espers.

This effect allegedly changes every few days, which makes it more difficult to know which teams to use in Crisis Training.

Although the effect changes every few days, players can use Jiang Man, Ahmed and Gabrielle. To complete the team, you can either use Intisar or Chloe. However, players can also use Yuuhime, Uday, Clara, Eira and Leora.

In a Reddit forum, one player said that he used Yuuhime, Melanie, Uday, Gaius and Clara. The player explained that as long as there is AP manipulation and good healing, Yuuhime will carry the team through the battle.

If you are considering building a team before a Crisis Training battle, you should know which effect the battle will have. Once you know the effect, you can build your team to successfully complete the mission.

Dislyte: Crisis Training team
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How to acquire Espers

There is a chance that you may not have the recommended Espers for the Crisis Training activity, so you may want to add additional Espers to your arsenal. Players can summon Espers via Echo, which is an in-game gacha system.

Bear in mind that you need to acquire specific summoning currencies before you can use Echo. Players can collect these currencies by completing missions. Once you have summoning currencies, you can head to Echo to summon an Esper.

There is a possibility that you may summon an Esper that you have already collected. In this case, you can use the additional Esper to improve your collected Esper.

Crow Coins and Incognito Bullets

As previously explained, players can acquire Crow Coins and Incognito Bullets by participating in the Sea of Sorrow event. These 2 exclusive items can be exchanged for various rewards.

You can use them to acquire the Epic Esper, Ain, Shimmer Records, Gold Records and Legendary Abilimon, among others.

It is important to note that all of these items require different quantities of Crow Coins and Incognito Bullets. Players can either save their currencies and purchase an expensive item with them, or they can use their currencies to purchase less expensive items.

When does Crisis Training conclude?

Crisis Training is part of the Sea of Sorrow event, which began on Tuesday, 2 May 2023. Players have until Friday, 19 May 2023, to participate in the Crisis Training event.

Keep in mind that various event modes are available in the first 2 weeks of the event. However, for the last 3 days of the event, activities will be closed. This gives players the opportunity to claim their well-earned rewards.

It is unknown whether Crisis Training will occur in the future or not, and therefore, you have to make the most of it while it is active. Dislyte players can earn rich rewards by simply participating in the event.

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