Dislyte: Criminal Trial

One of the events that players can enjoy in Dislyte is Criminal Trial, which allows you to experience Jin Qiu’s abilities.

You can immerse yourself in a world of infinite possibilities as you journey through a futuristic world in this adventurous video game, Dislyte.

Players have to build a squad of Espers, which received powers from the mythical gods, to fight enemies which are hell-bent on causing chaos.

Criminal Trial

In addition to completing story chapters, you can enjoy several in-game events, each of which has unique objectives that you have to complete.

Dislyte’s developer, Lilith Games, recently released the Cellblock Chaos event, which comprises sub-events.

One of the sub-events that gamers can participate in is Criminal Trial. Its description discloses that Jin Qiu is the most fearsome warden in the Nether Gaol.

Regardless of how ruthless the criminals may be, they always confess under his interrogation.

Dislyte: Criminal Trial
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For this event, you have to join forces with Jin Qiu to test the limits of your strength. To participate in the Criminal Trial, you have to use Jin Qiu, but several players still have to add him to their Esper collection.

Fortunately, a trial version of the Esper is available during the event. To access this event, you have to select the billboard, which is on the main screen of the game.

You then have to select trials to enter the Criminal Trial menu. If you tap the “Challenge” icon, you will be able to select the routes that you want to take to complete the activity.


When you begin the Criminal Trial, you can select 3 routes. The left route allows players to select an Esper enhancement, the middle route allows you to select a Runestone, and the right route enables you to select Esper Protections.

After selecting a route, the remaining 2 routes will fall away. The next step is to select an Elite Runestone to enhance your Espers’ attacks.

You then have to choose between Esper Enhancement, Elite Runestone and Esper Projections to enter the battle.


Before the battle begins, you can select which Espers you want to defeat the boss. Keep in mind that you have to use Jin Qiu in your team, but you will also be able to include the Esper Projections if you select that route.

After selecting your team, you can either destroy the boss automatically or manually, which means that you will be able to select which skills your Esper uses in their turn.

Dislyte players should note that they only have140 turns to destroy the boss. When you have defeated the boss, there is a chance that you will move up a tier.


For every tier that you reach, you will earn wondrous rewards. The rewards that you will receive at each tier are:

Tier Reward
E 100 000 Gold
D Elite Experimon
C Elite Divine Wave Opt-Pack
B Epic Starimon
A Wind Record
A+ Epic Abilimon
S Wind Record
SS Wind Record
SSS Gold Record
EX Cellblock Chaos namecard
EX+ Reset Stone
EXX+ Shimmer Record

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