Dislyte: Cory’s quiz

During Dislyte’s Dusk & Dawn event you may encounter a limited-time character named Cory, who will present you with a quiz that features 4 different questions.

Dislyte is a thrilling mobile game that allows you to collect characters, known as Espers, to vanquish horrific enemies.

In addition to completing the storyline, you can enjoy several in-game events and different gaming modes. During the current event, you can randomly encounter Cory, who features a quiz that you have to answer.

Dusk & Dawn

At the time of writing this, the Dusk and Dawn event is active, however, it will conclude on Friday, 28 April 2023. This event allows players to experience a new storyline and explore a new part of the world map.

The event’s description reads, “Tabaton is a suspicious place. Can Leora solve the mystery and uncover the hidden truth?”

You have to collect different items during this event to add the new Epic Shimmer Esper, Uday, to your arsenal.

Furthermore, you can use Leora, a new 5-star Esper, to participate in Leora’s Trial. For this activity, you need to clear as many waves as possible within a specific time limit.

Dislyte: Cory’s quiz

While completing Civvi’s tasks, fetch quest, or battle, you may come across Cory, a limited-time character in Dislyte. Generally, his location is indicated by a pink icon on the map. When you interact with him, he will give you a quiz.

Dislyte: Cory’s quiz
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The quiz usually only has 4 questions that you need to answer. You can attempt to complete the quizzes countless times, but Cory is not always available on the map.

Keep in mind that he will be removed from the game when the event concludes on Friday, 28 April 2023.

The following table is incomplete, as it is impossible to know all the questions that Cory could ask. However, some of the questions, accompanied by their answers, are listed below:

Question Answer
Which faction does Li Ling belong to? Esper Union
Everett can be obtained through which method? Esper Fusion
Which faction does Narmer belong to now? House Saunbert
Which Esper’s Captain Ability can increase Critical Rate of all allies? Kaylee
What is Heng Yue’s Captain Ability? Increased health points
How many stars can you earn per chapter in story mode? 18
In which city is Esper Union’s headquarters located? Gyrate
Which Esper grants both Critical Rate and Attack up? Dhalia
What is the name of the faction Triki founded? Graywater Hunter’s Guild
What is Xie Chuyi’s relationship with Xie Yuzhi? They are teammates
Which Esper’s Captain Ability can increase the speed of all allies? All of the above
Which Esper does not belong to House Ramses? Cecilia
What item is used to purchase goods or trade information in Tabaton? Snake Tooth


If you answer Cory’s quiz correctly, you will receive rewards. You can allegedly earn Snake Teeth, Data Chips and Research Chips. Players can exchange these items at the new non-player character in Tabaton to obtain the new Epic Shimmer Esper, Uday.

It is assumed that these items, along with Cory, will be removed from the game when the event concludes. Therefore, you should exchange your items while the event is active.


Uday is a 4-star Shimmer Esper that is based on the mythological character, Sopdet. She is a support Esper with the ability to protect and attack. The following table lists her abilities:

Ability Description
Star Bubble She attacks 1 enemy and infects a speed down debuff. After ascension, she increases 1 ally’s AP.
Sirius’ Ward Grants 1 ally Absorb and Shield buffs.
Galactic Wave Uday attacks all enemies and removes all debuffs from all allies. She also provides them with an attack buff.

In addition to this, Uday features different Resonance levels:

Resonance level Effect
1 Sirius’s Ward: Final Shield Strength increases.
2 Hasty Action: If there is an ability on cooldown, speed increases.
3 Blessing: Base attack, defense and health points are increased by 15 percent.
4 Protective Shield: When granting shield, the shield’s strength increases.
5 Aura: Base health, attack and defense are increased by 20 percent.
6 Sirius’s Ward: Rests all ability cooldowns of the target. This effect does not work on Uday. The cooldown of Sirius’s Ward is not affected by any ability.

Additional Espers

During the Dislyte‘s Dusk & Dawn event, you can acquire 4 new Espers, including Uday. Players have an increased chance of summoning Leora and Elaine, who are both 5-star Espers.

Dislyte: Dusk and Dawn
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However, you can also acquire Camille, a fighter who is capable of dealing significant damage by inflicting a bleed debuff on her enemies.

It is highly unlikely that these Espers will be removed from Dislyte when the event concludes, which means that you can acquire them at a later stage.

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