Dislyte: Cellblock Chaos

Dislyte players are able to enjoy a new event called Cellblock Chaos to experience a new Fighter Esper, Jin Qiu

You can immerse yourself in a world of infinite possibilities as you journey through a captivating series of comics in this thrilling video game, Dislyte.

Players have to build their squad of Espers who have gained powers from the mythological gods and who fight the monsters which are causing destruction.

Cellblock Chaos

The game’s developer, Lilith Games, regularly releases updates to introduce new content, activities and Espers to Dislyte.

On Monday, 30 October 2023, Dislyte announced on Twitter that players can expect a new event known as Cellblock Chaos, which arrives with patch 3.3.5.

The event’s official description reads, “Faced with passionate new prison guards, what decisions will Jin Qiu make?”.

The Cellblock Chaos event will begin on Tuesday, 7 November 2023 and will conclude on Friday, 24 November 2023.

During this time, players can unlock a new event map, which consists of 3 chapters. You can progress through Entering the Goal, Doubts and Suspicions and Revelations. Players have to complete these chapters to earn rewards.

Furthermore, you can complete limited-time event quests to acquire Access Cords. You can also complete Ritual Miracle, Sonic Miracle, Sonic Rift, Desolate Lands and story stages to procure Transcript Chips and Case Files.

Gamers can use these items to obtain Goal Flow Packs, Goal Wind Packs, Goal Inferno Packs and Goal Divinate Packs. You can also get Legendary Abilimon, Shimmer Records and other rewards from the Event Shop.

You will also be able to enjoy the Criminal Trials to earn Shimmer Records, Gold Records and Elemental Records. Keep in mind, however, that you need to reach the required Rankings to earn these rewards.

Dislyte: Cellblock Chaos
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Jin Qiu’s abilities

During the Criminal Trials, you can play with Jin Qiu even if he is not in your collection. This gives players the opportunity to experience his abilities, which are as follows:

Skill Description
Cleave Attacks 1 enemy to deal True Damage based on his attack and defense statistics. While having Punish Evil, he will attack 2 additional enemies and inflict Convict.
Pump Fatigue Gains Punish Evil for 2 turns at the cost of a certain percentage of health points. However if his health points are below a certain percentage, he also gains Intimidate for 2 turns as well as a bonus turn.
Just Retribution Attacks all enemies to deal True Damage based on his defense and attack statistics. The Esper also inflicts Convict for 2 turns and amplifies damage based on targets’ debuff counts.

Who can enjoy Cellblock Chaos?

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to participate in the Cellblock Chaos event when it commences. To enjoy this event, you have to complete story 4-16 in easy mode.

Fortunately, the event will only begin in 7 days, which means that if you are yet to complete story 4-16, you have enough time to do so before the event begins.

We highly recommend that you participate in the event to experience Jin Qiu’s abilities and to earn rewards.

According to the announcement, Jin Qiu can be procured from Echo once the update has been implemented in the game.

Jin Qiu’s resonance

Similarly to other Espers, when you upgrade Jin Qiu’s resonance, he will unlock additional skills and effects.

Keep in mind that you can only upgrade his resonance once he is in your Esper collection. The table below lists Jin Qiu’s resonance effects:

Resonance Effects
1 Just Retribution’s final damage is increased by 10 percent
2 When any teammate inflicts debuffs on opponents, the Esper grants the ally Punish Evil for 1 turn, however, it only triggers once per turn
3 Base attack, defense and health points are increased by 15 percent
4 When target’s health points are above 50 percent, Jin Qiu’s damage is increased by 15 percent
5 Base defense, attack and health points are increased by 20 percent
6 Jin Qiu gains intimidate at the beginning of combat. Casting his Pump Fatigue ability does not yield an extra intimidate effect.

Additional events

In addition to Cellblock Chaos, Dislyte gamers can also enjoy the following events:

Event Dates Description
Ex-Invasion Friday, 17 November 2023 to Wednesday, 29 November 2023 During this event, you can follow Narmer and Su Jue to uncover hidden secrets
Golden City Challenge Friday, 17 November 2023 to Wednesday, 29 November 2023. You can use Gold Chips to engage in Pop Quizzes
Celebration Collection Tuesday, 7 November 2023 to Tuesday, 21 November 2023 You can enjoy the Ritual Miracle, Sonic Miracle, Desolate Lands and Sonic Rift to collect Bazaar stamps for rare rewards.

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