Dislyte: Biondina

One of the Espers you can acquire in Dislyte is Biondina, who is a powerful damage dealer that can dispel her enemies.

Dislyte is a new mobile game that invites players to immerse themselves in an urban, mythology-themed world.

Unfortunately, the world was invaded by enemy races, so, in an attempt to defeat them, the inhabitants transformed into god-like beings with unique talents and powers. In these dark times, it is your responsibility to create teams of heroes that can restore harmony to the world.

Though the game is set in the near future, the characters, otherwise referred to as Espers, are created in the likeness of past mythological gods from across the world.

In this game you can enjoy incredible content with beautifully-illustrated storylines of the Espers in the game. They have unique personalities and appearances that are determined by the mythological god they are based on.

How to acquire an Esper

Players receive a few free heroes during the early stages of the game, however, these Espers are not generally very powerful, except Mona, who is considered one of the best heroes in the game.

To acquire stronger Espers, you need to participate in the in-game gacha and summoning system, known as the Echo system.

This system enables you to summon distinctive rarities of Espers by using summoning currencies, which can be earned as you progress in the game.

It is worth noting that this feature is locked when you first start playing the game, but you can gain access to it once you have met the requirements to do so.

Dislyte: Biondina

The game offers players more than 30 Espers  to obtain, one of which is Biondina, a 29-year-old Esper who identifies as a Bounty Hunter. She is based on the god of the sea, Poseidon, and forms part of the Flow attribute. Her affiliation is Wanderer.

Dislyte: Biondina
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Biondina is an extremely powerful damage dealer who has access to incredible dispels and powers. Since she is so mighty, teaming her up with other strong Espers results in a nearly perfect team composition that can clear endgame content.

Similarly to other Espers, Biondina possesses several powers that she received from Poseidon. The table below describes each skill:

Skill Description
Fury Waters Biondina deals damage to an enemy equal to 65 percent of the attack, which ignores defence of all unbuffed targets. This skill has a 4-turn cooldown.
Tsunami This skill deals damage to all enemies equal to 90 percent of the attack, but it also dispels 1 buff from each. It has a 3-turn cooldown.
Tidal Wave Biondina deals damage to an enemy equal to 120 percent of the attack with an 80 percent chance of inflicting Buff Blocker for 2 turns.

Furthermore, Biondina has a captain ability, which enables her to increase all allies’ attacks by 40 percent during the Point Wars.

It is worth noting that this ability only activates when she is the captain of the squad participating in the Point Wars, which means that if you use her as a captain for other gaming modes, it does not activate.

Can Biondina be improved?

There are several methods you can use to improve an Esper, but the most common way is by increasing her level. Levelling her up increases Biondina’s base statistics substantially, but it can also influence her skills.

Keep in mind that her maximum level depends on her Star level, meaning that if she is a star level 4, her maximum level is 40.

Once you have reached the maximum level, you can improve her using the following methods:

  • Ascension
  • Resonance
  • Promotion
  • Ability Enhancement
  • Relics

Biondina’s improved skills

Ability Enhancement means upgrading Biondina’s abilities using gold and Abilimons. Players should note that Abilimons come in various rarities and are used to upgrade the skills of a specific rarity.

For example, Legendary Abilimons can only upgrade the skills of Legendary Espers. You should thus ensure that you procure the correct rarity to improve Biondina’s skills.

The table below outlines how her skill changes at each level:

Skill Improvements

Fury Waters

·   Level 2: Damage increased to 60 percent

·   Level 3: Damage of the second strike increased to 35 percent

·   Level 4: Damage increased to 65 percent

·   Level 5: Damage of the second strike increased to 40 percent

·   Level 6: Cooldown reduced by 1 turn


·   Level 2: Damage increased to 80 percent

·   Level 3: Damage increased to 90 percent

·   Level 4: Cooldown reduced by 1 turn

Tidal Wave

·   Level 2: Damage increased to 110 percent

·   Level 3: Chance to trigger increased to 70 percent

·   Level 4: Damage increased to 120 percent

·   Level 5: Chance to trigger increased to 80 percent

Which sets should Biondina use?

As you advance in the game, you will discover a range of gear sets. Even though you can equip Biondina with any gear, it is recommended that you use the following:

Set Name Description
1 Wrath of Jupiter (4 pieces) It increases Biondina’s attack by 30 percent.
  Fiery Incandescence (2 pieces) This set increases the wearer’s critical rating by 20 percent.
2 Wrath of Jupiter (4 pieces) It increases Biondina’s attack by 30 percent.
  Master Grove (2 pieces) This set increases her health points by 20 percent.

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