Dislyte: Best Divinates

The Divinate system was recently added to all Dislyte servers, and some Divinates are considered better than others.

Dislyte is an exciting mobile game that invites players to fight alongside mythological characters in turn-based battles.

A recent update introduced the Divinate system to the game, which essentially unlocks a bonus ability for each Esper. Several players have been curious about what the best Divinates are.


Dislyte recently announced on Twitter that players can enjoy the Divinate system. This not only provides bonuses to an Esper’s attack, defense and health points, but it also unlocks a special mechanic to the Esper.

In order to enhance Divinate, you have to procure Sound Matrix Stones, which have absorbed Miracle Waves from within the Sonic Miracle rift and hold the power to boost Divinate.

Keep in mind that these stones are guarded by bosses residing in the Rift.

You therefore have to vanquish the Bosses to procure Sound Matrix Stones. If you consume the stones, you can enhance the attributes provided by Divinate.

Dislyte: Best Divinates
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Dislyte: Best Divinates

Most of the Espers have received Divinate abilities which will only activate when you unlock them. Since there are several Divinate abilities to unlock, many Dislyte players have wondered which abilities they should unlock first.

Players should note that some Divinate abilities are regarded as better than others, therefore, you should unlock them first. After unlocking the best Divinates, you are free to choose which Divinates you want to unlock next.

Keep in mind that you may not have all the Espers whose Divinates are considered better than others, which means that you have to recruit them from the in-game gacha feature, Echo, to unlock their Divinate abilities.

The following table lists the best Divinates that you can unlock:

Esper Divinate Description
Brewster Bye-Bye Bomb Blast When he has Reload! Attack! HAHAHA’S final attack is increased by 25 percent
Ahmed Out of the Spotlight When World Stage is on cooldown, Prelude to Life’s healing is increased by 20 percent.
Toland Behind the Scenes When casting Point of Origin, he extends the target’s Ability Cooldowns.
Raven Ninety Miles per Hour Before casting Sunset, he gains Attack up for 1 turn.
Valeria To the Sea of Stars When the bearer’s speed is above the target’s speed, Launching Tide’s final damage is increased by 30 percent.

Players should note that the Divinate system was only available on the PTR system. However, patch 3.3.3, which was released on Tuesday, 19 September 2023, announced that Divinate is now available on all Dislyte servers.

Additional Divinates worth unlocking

The above-mentioned table lists the best Divinates that players can unlock, though there are several other Divinate abilities that you can unlock.

These abilities are not considered the best, but they are still worth unlocking, as they are considered better than others.

The following table lists additional Divinates that you can unlock:

Esper Divinate Description
Everett And Justice for All When his health points are above 70 percent, Valkyrie’s Glory’s final damage is increased by 30 percent.
Leora Belonging to my Dawn When the bearer’s health points are above 70 percent, Daylight Beam’s final damage is increased by 20 percent.
Tevor Unbelievable Cases Vol 1 His critical damage is increased by 25 percent for the first turn.
Gaius Thunder of the God King When in God King mode, his critical damage is increased by 25 percent.
Ashley Ceaseless Noise The bearer has a 100 percent chance of gaining 1 stack of Rainbow Bridge at the beginning of their turn.

Divinate Echo

Patch 3.3.3 introduced Divinate Echo, which only unlocks when you have acquired a Divinate Disc. To access this menu, you have to open your Echo page. In the new menu, you can select a specific Legendary Divinate to spin.

Each spin consumes 100 Divinate Discs, however, the Legendary Divinate obtained through this method is guaranteed to be the designated one.

If you have not procured any Legendary Divinate after 99 spins, your net spin will always grant a Legendary Divinate.

If players do not receive any Epic Divinate after a 19 spin streak, their next spin will grant an Epic Divinate.

Divinate Launch Gifts

To celebrate the arrival of the Divinate system on Dislyte’s servers, players can enjoy the Divinate Launch Gift event.

This event began on Tuesday, 26 September 2023 and it will continue for 7 days. Players have to log into the game daily to claim 1000 Divinate Discs.

This means that you can claim 7000 Divinate Discs by simply logging into Dislyte for 7 days.

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