Dislyte: Astral Witchcraft set

Players can discover different gear sets in Dislyte, one of which is the Astral Witchcraft set, but they can only acquire it by defeating Kronos.

In a mythology-themed world, players can enjoy turn-based combats in this popular mobile game, Dislyte. Unfortunately, the world was invaded by numerous enemy races, so in an attempt to defeat them, some of the inhabitants transformed into divine beings with supernatural abilities.

In these dark times, it is up to you to form teams that can defeat the enemies and restore peace to the world. Although the game is futuristic, the Espers, who are the heroes of the game, are based on mythological gods from across the world.

For this reason, every Esper thus takes on a unique appearance and personality that replicate those of the gods they are based on. As you advance in the game, you can procure gear and relic sets, which can have a great impact on your battles.

What is the objective of gear and relics?

Relics and gear may seem like simple features to some players, but they are a crucial part of the game.

The objective of relics and gear is to improve your Espers’ skills and statistics, meaning that your heroes will become stronger when you equip them with relics and gear. You need strong heroes to clear the game’s content, especially the mid and endgame stages.

Players can equip any gear and relic set on their Espers, but it is recommended that they consider the hero’s individual skills and statistics before deciding on a suitable set.

This is because some gear sets perform better with certain Espers than with others. You can see the recommended set for each specific Esper by clicking on the “Relic” tab in the Esper’s profile.

Dislyte: Astral Witchcraft set
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Dislyte: Astral Witchcraft set

The relic sets are divided into various categories, namely the 4-piece and 2-piece sets. This refers to the number of that specific set that your Esper has to wear to receive the effects of it. Players should always aim to equip an Esper with 2 full sets as they can wear up to 2 different relic sets.

One of the 4-piece relic sets you can acquire in Dislyte is the Astral Witchcraft set. It increases the ability points (AP) of allies that are under control debuffs by 30 percent. It is worth noting that this set does not stack its effect.

Players can only acquire this gear set by defeating Kronos, who is a powerful boss in the Ritual Miracle. It is worth noting that the Ritual Miracle is initially locked, but you can access it once you have met the requirements to unlock it.

When you have access to the Ritual Miracle, you may notice that Kronos is the first of 3 incredibly powerful bosses.

Players can participate in a turn-based battle to defeat him but do note that there are 10 difficulty stages in which you can fight him. It is recommended that players start with the first round, which is considered the easiest.

How to defeat Kronos

Kronos is highly focused on dealing damage to your team in an area-of-effect manner, as he has a strong single target damage ability that applies a Stun debuff.

The most common strategy used against him is to prevent him from playing his turn. You should deal a lot of damage before he takes his turn so that your team does not get hit with his strong AoE skill.

To reduce Kronos’ turns, you need the Speed Down debuff along with the Ability Point Down negative effect. You should also use powerful healers in your team, as Kronos’ Earth Shaker targets the enemy with the lowest percentage of remaining health points.

Dislyte: Astral Witchcraft set
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Early game Kronos’ team composition

You only have access to a few Espers during the early stages of the game, however, this does not mean that you cannot defeat Kronos. The following table highlights the best team for early-game players:

Esper Description
Mona Mona is the first powerful Esper that you will get. It would be wise to use her, as she can deal a lot of damage to groups of enemies.
Q Q can force 2 enemies to share damage, which can be beneficial in the fight against Kronos.
Drew Drew is described as an excellent assassin, as he can deal a lot of damage to weak enemies.
Helena She can keep your team alive with her incredible supporting abilities.
Chang Pu Chang Pu has the ability to heal your team while Kronos performs his Earth Shaker skill.

Who should use the Astral Witchcraft set?

As previously mentioned, players can use any gear and relic set on their Espers, but it is advised that they consider the specific Esper’s statistics and skills before equipping a set. The following heroes should use the Astral Witchcraft set:

  • Anesidora
  • Berenice
  • Bonnie
  • Catherine

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