Dislyte: Ashley Teams

Dislyte players can use Ashley with any team, since she is quite versatile, however, there are specific teams for certain game modes.

Dislyte is an adventurous video game that allows gamers to fight alongside powerful characters in turn-based battles. The game’s persistent world was invaded by horrific enemies, and now it is up to you to create teams of characters to vanquish them.

One of the characters that you can acquire is Ashley, but players are unsure about which team they should use her in.

Who is Ashely?

Ashley is a Legendary Wind Fighter from Heimdall. She is considered the Norse watchman of the gods, as she can deal a lot of damage to enemies. However, she can also supply her allies with some support, as she offers them buffs and debuffs.

Although Ashely’s damage is not as good as that of the other fighters, the debuffs and buffs she distributes makes her a great addition to any team.

Ashley applies a speed, defence down, stun, and attack down debuff to her enemies. In addition, she increases her team’s attack and action points with her Rainbow Bridge stacks.

Dislyte: Ashley Teams

The general rule of thumb for creating teams in Dislyte is that 1 team cannot complete all the game’s activities. Players should therefore create a specific team for every activity in the game. Your team for Ritual Miracle thus differs from Ripple Dimension and the Arena.

Fortunately, Ashley is a versatile character, and she can be used in almost every game mode in Dislyte. However, since there are different gaming modes, her teammates will differ with each mode.

Dislyte: Ashley Teams
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For player-versus-player in the Arena, it is advisable that you use Ashley with Ollie, Clara, Gaius, and Triki. For this team, you can assign Ollie as the team leader, as he increases ally speed by 25 percent. However, you can also use him in player-versus-environment gaming modes.

In Ritual Miracle, players can vanquish monsters, namely, Kronos, Apep, and Fafnir. If you are interested in defeating Fafnir, you should use Ashley with Clara, Li Guang, Ollie, and Ophelia. Players can assign Ollie to the captain slot to benefit from a 25 percent speed increase.

For other player-versus-environment game modes, you can use Ashley with Unas, Tiye, Tang Xuan, and Gabrielle. For this team, you should assign Tiye as the captain, as she increases the team’s speed by 25 percent.

It is noteworthy, though, that you know that these team formations are just recommendations. Players are therefore free to experiment with other team combinations to see what best suits their gameplay.

Although Ashley’s team members are quite specific, she can be used in any team because of the buffs and debuffs that she offers.

How to acquire Ashley

When Ashley was added to Dislyte in 2022, players could pull her from a rank-up banner, which was only active for a specific period of time. If you want to procure Ashley now, you have to summon her via the game’s gacha system, Echo.

In order to summon a character, you have to get records. Players can acquire Gold records from the Cube Miracle and story stages.

Furthermore, Platinum records can be obtained as a daily login reward. Diamond records are collected from the shopping fiesta event after getting 400 Consumption Points.

Once you have procured records, you can summon Ashley, but there is a possibility that you may have to perform 100 summons before you get her.

Ashley’s skills

Similarly to other Espers in Dislyte, Ashley has several skills that can be used on the battlefield. Her skills and a description of each are listed below:

Skill Description
Cloud Scatter Attacks 1 enemy which deals 120 percent damage. The skill has an 80 percent chance of inflicting a speed debuff for 2 turns.
Divine Retribution Ashley attacks all enemies to deal 100 percent damage and she inflicts an Attack down debuff for 2 turns.
Daring Spirit Ashley gains a defence and shield buff for 2 turns. She also gains 5 Bifrost Stacks and grants an attack buff to all allies for 2 turns. Moreover, Ashley attacks all enemies to deal 120 percent attack damage.

Recommended sets and relic stats

There are numerous sets and relic statistics that you can equip Ashley with, some of which will increase her performance, while others hinder it. It is recommended that you use a 4-set War Machine with either Incandescence or Master Grove.

War Machine increases her attack by 30 percent while Incandescence increases her critical rate by 20 percent. Master Grove, on the other hand, increases her health points by 25 percent.

As for relic stats, you should use UNA II, UNA IV, and MUI II. This will increase her attack and critical damage.

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