Dislyte: Ahmed

Dislyte players currently have a higher chance of procuring the new 5-star Esper, Ahmed, who can keep his allies alive on the battlefield.

In this mythological mobile game, Dislyte, players can fight alongside powerful heroes with unique skills. The game is set in a modern, fictional universe; however, it was invaded by horrific enemies.

So in an attempt to defeat the monsters, ordinary people transformed into divine beings. In these dark times, it is up to you to restore peace in the world.

The game offers players contemporary content and beautifully-illustrated storylines of heroes, otherwise referred to as Espers.

Though the game takes place in the near future, Espers are created in the likeness of past mythological gods from across the world. You should bear in mind that you can only play with Espers that you have collected.

How to obtain an Esper

There are numerous methods you can use to acquire Espers, but the most common way is through Echo, which is the game’s gacha and summoning system.

It allows players to summon varying rarities of heroes using different summoning currencies, which can be earned by advancing in the game.

Echo contains 3 banners, namely the Rate-up Summoning banner, the Normal Summoning banner, and the Beginner’s Benefits banner.

It is worth noting that the latter is only available in the early stages of the game. This is because players are guaranteed to get a Legendary Esper from the banner, whereas there are no guarantees with the other 2 banners.

Dislyte: Ahmed

The game’s developer, Lilith Games, occasionally introduces new features and activities that players enjoy. They recently added Ahmed, a 5-star Wind-attuned Esper. He is a supporting character that can  heal allies while enhancing their attacks.

Dislyte: Ahmed
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Ahmed is created in the likeness of the Egyptian god of earth and a mythological member of the Ennead of Heliopolis, Geb. This means that Ahmed’s skills, personality, and appearance replicate Geb’s.

Ahmed is somewhat troubled by his inability to deal with people in private. He may not realise the impact of his unique character, but he is ready to render Geb’s powers to heal his allies in need.

Similarly to other Espers, Ahmed possesses powerful skills and abilities, which are highlighted in the table below:

Skill Description
Prelude to Life Ahmed attacks an enemy 3 times, and each attack deals damage equal to 15 percent of his attack and it increases his health by 2 percent. This skill also heals an ally for 4 percent of their maximum health points.
World Stage It reduces all allies’ cooldowns by 1 turn, while performing a single target heal 10 times. Every heal targets the ally with the lowest health, and it is restored to 8 percent of the caser’s health points.
Warm Harmonics Every time he casts a healing skill actively, he passively heals the ally with the lowest health. If the target suffers from a maximum health penalty, he restores the target’s maximum health threshold by 5 percent. It also clears debuffs and applies a stack of Supporting Songs. However, he applies another stack if the target’s health is below 50 percent.

Recommended relics and resonance

Even though you can equip Ahmed with any relics, and focus on any resonance, it is advised that you do not do this. This is because some items can boost his performance on the battlefield, but others can hold him back.

It is thus recommended that you use a 4-piece Wind-Walker set, as this will help him to stay on pace with quick controllers and to support them more efferently. With regard to the 2-piece set, players can either equip Master Grove or Adamantine.

Master Grove is a fantastic early game option, but Adamantine grants the team’s survivability a much-needed boost. For Resonance, you should prioritise his health to enhance his healing capabilities.

How to procure Ahmed

There are different banners you can summon heroes on, one of which is the Rate up banner. Players can summon 3-star to 5-star Espers on this banner, but it features a specific rate-up Esper. This character has a high chance of being summoned, but you should keep in mind that it is time-limited.

As of Tuesday, 21 June 2022, players have a higher chance of acquiring Ahmed from the Rate-up banner. If you haven’t acquired him after 450 summons, the next spin is guaranteed to give you Ahmed.

Will Ahmed be added to the game once his banner has concluded?

Some Espers in the game are only available for the timespan that their banner is active. This means that once the banner ends, players can no longer obtain them.

However, this is not the case with Ahmed, who will be added to the game when his banner ends. Keep in mind that the chances of summoning him will return to normal at this point.

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