Diablo Immortal: Zakarum Sigil

Players can use the Zakarum Sigil in Diablo Immortal to defeat the Ancient Nightmare, but it can only be acquired by defeating Lord Martanos.

In Diablo Immortal, players can battle against ancient evils and discover the untold story between Diablo II and Diablo III. Since the game forms part of the popular Diablo series, you can expect similar gameplay, characters, and mechanics throughout this mobile game.

The game takes place in the persistent world of Sanctuary, where your adventure begins in the town of Wortham. Unfortunately, the city is being threatened by cultists and the undead.

It is your responsibility to locate and destroy shards of the Worldstone to prevent a world-threatening disaster from taking place.

In addition to the main storyline of the game, you can complete side-quests and participate in various gaming modes. Furthermore, you can enjoy activities and in-game events. Before you can partake in these features, though, you have to select a character.

Character classes

Similarly to its predecessors, this game offers players 6 varying classes to choose from. Each class has unique abilities and takes on a distinct role in battle. Every class’s combat specialties are:

Class Combat specialties
Barbarian · Melee

· Physical fighter

Wizard · Deals damage from a distance

· Focuses on magical damage

Demon Hunter · Ranged fighter

· Wizards deal physical damage to foes

Monk · Melee

· They focus on dealing physical damage

Crusader · They deal different types of damage to enemies, which means they are hybrids

· Melee

Necromancer · Necromancers focus on summoning undead creatures

· They deal magical damage to enemies

Once you have chosen a class, you can choose a gender and customise his or her features.

Diablo Immortal: Zakarum Sigil

As you advance in Diablo Immortal, you will discover various items, including consumables, weapons, gear, and jewellery. It is worth noting that some of these items provide your character with additional effects, while others can help you complete quests or alter your gameplay.

One of the items you can discover is the Zakarum Sigil, which is carried by Martanos and can be used to activate altars in Mount Zavain.

You should keep in mind that this item forms part of the Ancient Nightmare zone event, which is a time-specific event whereby you have to defeat a powerful boss to earn rewards.

Diablo Immortal: Zakarum Sigil
© Blizzard Entertainment

If you are interested in participating in this event, you must first activate it. To do so, head to the Mount Zavain zone, which you can access between 8:00 and midnight of your chosen server’s time.

Once you have reached the area, the event restarts every 2 hours. This means that you may have to wait before you can participate in the activity. The event features a giant monster who roams the Misty Valley, and it is up to you to defeat its shield to fight the Ancient Nightmare.

To take down the shields, players can either activate the altars scattered across the map, or they can use the Zakarum Sigil. Unfortunately, you have to defeat Lord Martanos to acquire the Sigil and it is allegedly a challenging fight.

Lord Martanos

Lord Martanos can be found to the west of the Frozen Decent waypoint. To get the Sigil, players must go to Lord Martanos’ grave and interact with it to summon the boss. If the boss is defeated, he will drop a single Zakarum Sigil.

The boss can be defeated once every 30 minutes. It is advised that you farm a few Sigils before going back to take on the Ancient Nightmare. Once you have a few Sigils, you can go back to the Misty Valley to attempt to defeat the main boss of the event.

How to defeat the Ancient Nightmare

Players have to defeat the Ancient Nightmare to earn extraordinary rewards. Once you have found him, it is recommended that you move ahead of him to activate the altar when he enters the proximity of the altar light. This gives you more time to attack him and lower his shield.

Diablo Immortal: Zakarum Sigil
© Blizzard Entertainment

You cannot deal damage to the boss once he steps outside the altar light. Thus, you should ensure that you stay ahead of him to activate the altar when he gets to it.

The boss will be stunned and vulnerable to attacks only if he is in close proximity to the altar. This process should continue until his shield is deactivated, but he will then start attacking you.

You should still activate the altars to protect your character from the boss’ area-of-effect attacks. When you have defeated him, you will find a treasure chest close by.


The treasure chest usually contains high-tier loot, but it is unclear which rewards you receive for defeating the Ancient Nightmare. That being said, Diablo Immortal players allegedly receive Enchanted Dust, amongst other rewards, which can be used to upgrade your equipment.

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