Diablo Immortal: Zaerhud location

Zaerhud is a Purple Rare Elite monster in Diablo Immortal, that can be found in the north-western part of the Dark Wood.

In Diablo Immortal, gamers are invited to discover the unrevealed story that took place between Diablo II and Diablo III. Since this mobile game is part of the classic Diablo series, you will likely experience similar gameplay, mechanics, and content throughout the franchise.

When you first start playing the game, you will get the opportunity to create and customise a character. After you complete the tutorial mission, you can participate in several activities and events in the game.

Players can complete a range of quests, join a guild, defeat enemies, and meet friends with similar interests.

What are the different types of quests?

As you progress in the game you will discover different quests, each of which offer players different rewards upon completion. The different types of quests you can find are described as follows:

Quest type Description
Main quests These quests form core, interconnected stories that lead players between zones. Every quest is completed sequentially.
Elite quests It is a larger, multi-step chain quest that is necessarily connected to the main quests. You can get an Elite quest by speaking to Taite, who can be found in Westmarch.
Side quests These quests are analogous to the event of Diablo III. However, they are small and easy-to-complete encounters.

Diablo Immortal: Zaerhud location

While exploring a zone in Diablo Immortal you may come across Purple Rare Elite monsters or bosses, who are essentially invisible Blue Quests.

Players can trigger their respawn by clicking on all the Shrines and Treasure Chests variants near the area the monsters are marked on the map.

One of the quests you can complete in this game is Wanted: Defeat Zaerhud. Zaerhud is a powerful Purple Rare Elite monster that rewards players with numerous items once he is defeated.

Unfortunately, Zaerhud is hidden well, and many players struggle to locate his spawning location. It is worth noting that Zaerhud is part of a Dark Wood achievement, which indicates that he can only be found in that zone.

It is advised that you travel to The Call of the Woods, which is in the upper section of the Dark Wood. Once you have arrived there, you should start moving in a north-western direction until you reach the middle point of The Call of the Woods and Meghann the Ruthless.

You need to click on all Treasure Chest variants, including bone pile, cursed, dead acolyte, resplendent, and Shrines in that small area because Zaerhud shares randomised respawn rotation with these items, and interacting with them causes him to spawn.

The Dark Wood

The Dark Wood is the third zone you can discover if you follow the main storyline of Diablo Immortal. That being said, you have to at least be on level 20 before you can enter the zone. It is recommended that players explore and complete the zone’s activities until they have reached level 29.

Diablo Immortal: Zaerhud location
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The Forgotten Tower contains 3 powerful bosses that you should defeat, and they can be found in the northern part of the Dark Woods. Furthermore, players can find hidden lairs, defeat Purple Rare Elite monsters, and complete Blue Quests.

Does the Dark Wood have an event?

It is important to note that almost every zone in Diablo Immortal has an event. Zone events are some of the most rewarding activities in the game, since they reward players with rare equipment and materials.

In the Dark Wood event, you have to gain Corruption by killing any enemies. You will earn approximately 28 percent corruption for defeating the Blood Rose.

The Corruption meter is specific to you as it increases the damage you take, and it is shared across all difficulties. Once your meter is full, it can be purified at the Tree of Inifuss, which manifests a Shadow Clone and you can defeat it to earn a Glowing Shard.

How to travel to Dark Wood

You can travel to the Dark Wood once you have been given the quest to acquire a Worldstone Shard. Players have the ability to fast travel to new locations, however, this feature is not available to players if they have not been to a location.

This essentially means that you first have to discover a waypoint before you can fast travel to it. However, since you are going to the Dark Wood through a quest, you will be able to travel to the zone quite easily.

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