Diablo Immortal: Stormpoint side quests

Diablo Immortal recently introduced a new region to the game called Stormpoint, which has 8 unique side quests for you to complete.

You are invited to explore the fictitious realm of Sanctuary like never before in this mobile game, Diablo Immortal. The game’s developer, Blizzard, recently announced that it will be introducing a new region to the game called Stormpoint.

Similarly to other regions in Diablo Immortal, Stormpoint has several new side quests that gamers can complete.

Quest types

Quests in Diablo Immortal are divided into 3 categories, namely main quests, elite quests, and side quests. Players should primarily focus on completing the main quests, however, they can complete elite and side quests for additional rewards and experience points.

The following table lists a description of each type of quest:

Quest type Description
Main quests The main quest is a core, interconnected story that leads players between each zone
Elite quests These larger, multi-step quests are not necessarily connected to the main quests, but it can take some time to complete them
Side quests These quests are analogous to the events in Diablo III. They are described as small, bite-sized encounters

Diablo Immortal: Stormpoint side quests

Blizzard recently announced that a new region, Stormpoint, will be added to the game. Just like other regions in Diablo Immortal, Stormpoint has unique enemies that you can defeat, quests to complete, and minerals to harvest.

At the time of writing this, there are 8 side quests to complete. Unfortunately, you will only know what rewards you could earn from a quest once you have completed it. However, players will likely get experience points and some form of in-game currency.

The 8 side quests that you can complete are:

Quest Location
Softer than Steel Players can pick up the quest near Stormpoint Battlements Waypoint
Good Host This quest can be acquired north of Stormpoint Keep
Lost in the Swamp Players can find this quest just west of Ship Graveyard Waypoint
Vowed to the Light It can be acquired south of The Shanties
Just a Glimpse This quest can be found in the northern part of Windswept Shoals
Bound to Death It can be located south of Stormpoint Keep.
Our Neighbors’ Fear You can get this quest in The Shanties Waypoint
All Wolves starve Players can find this quest north of Stormpoint Battlements Way

Although it is not mandatory to complete the side quests, it is recommended that you do complete them. This is because your character will earn experience points, amongst other useful rewards, if they complete these quests.

Moreover, you will complete the zone when you have explored all the lairs, completed all the side quests, participated in the region’s world events, and explored all the Maiden areas.

Diablo Immortal: Stormpoint side quests
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Where are the lairs located in Stormpoint?

Hidden Lairs are additional instanced content that is accessible through a random entrance spawn on the map. Similarly to a mini Elder Rift, a lair’s objective is to kill the Lair Guardian. However, there may be some additional objectives to complete along the way.

Players can find a lair in Stormpoint Keep, and 1 south of Stormpoint Battlements Way. There is another lair north of Barbican Traverse and 1 in Ship Graveyard. Furthermore, you can find a hidden lair within Ship Graveyard Waypoint, and one just west of the waypoint.

Furthermore, you can find a lair in The Shanties, Windswept Shoals Waypoint, and north of Windswept Shoals.

World Events locations

A Zone event is a periodic activity that occurs on a regular schedule in Diablo Immortal. If you complete a world event, you can earn enchanted dust and valuable Legendary items. In Stormpoint, you can also find a zone event north of The Shanties.

Players can also find a zone event in Barbican Traverse Waypoint. Bear in mind that these activities are not always active, which means that you have to keep an eye on Diablo Immortal to find out when it becomes active.

How to unlock Stormpoint

Before you can complete all of the new side quests in Stormpoint, you have to unlock the zone, which is completely free for all players if they meet the in-game requirements to do so.

However, Stormpoint is more of an endgame area and should not be attempted by those who have yet to reach the maximum level.

To unlock Stormpoint, your character has to be on level 60. Moreover, you have to complete the Starsign quest and reach at least Hell difficulty III.

In order to unlock Hell III difficulty, you have to beat Gorgothra the Claier, who is the third Helliquary boss in Diablo Immortal. If you meet these requirements, you will get access to the Stormpoint area.

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