Diablo Immortal: Sigil of Dominance

In Diablo Immortal, only players who are part of the Immortals faction can earn the Sigil of Dominance to contribute to their faction.

Gamers are invited to experience the ghostly world of Sanctuary like never before in this adventurous game, Diablo Immortal, which is part of the classic Diablo video game series, and as such, you are likely to experience similar gameplay and mechanics.

In this mobile version, you can uncover the untold story of the history between Diablo II and Diablo III. It is your responsibility to follow the main story line to save the realm from a powerful threat.

In addition to the main story, you can complete side quests, defeat monsters, procure gear, and join a faction. By joining the Immortals faction, players can acquire a Sigil of Dominance, however, it is not an easy task.


The Immortals and the Shadows are the 2 main factions in Diablo Immortal. When you join a faction, you can unlock various bonuses, as well as enjoying additional activities. Every player begins as an Adventurer and can attempt to become part of either the Immortals or the Shadows.

It is crucial to note that every faction has its own requirements for joining. Players have to meet these requirements to successfully join a faction. That being said, the Immortals can only have 300 members on a server, and it is much easier to join the Shadow faction.

Diablo Immortal: Sigil of Dominance

During the Cycle of Strive event in Diablo Immortal, the 2 main factions will battle against each other to see which faction wins. However, it involves many complex components to see which side wins. At the core of these components is the Sigil of Dominance.

The Immortal faction possesses the highest power in terms of fame and wealth. They are ruled by one ruler, called the Immortal. This ruler assigns 4 lieutenants, each of which has multiple faction members working for them.

Diablo Immortal: Sigil of Dominance
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For another to rule, they need to reach the top and replace the current Immortal by defeating him in combat. But prior to that, players have to serve as an Immortal and contribute to the faction to reach a higher level of dominance.

The contribution factor in the Immortal faction is the Sigil of Dominance, which is one of the currencies in the game. As an Immortal member, you have to complete daily tasks for which you will be rewarded with Sigil of Dominance.

The currency can also be purchased from the Hilt Trader, but you have to be Immortal Ae Bronze IV to access the trader. Players can talk to Lieutenant Fizriah in Westmarch to purchase Sigil of Dominance in exchange for hilts.

It is highly recommended that you farm the token and contribute it to your faction. This will ensure that the Shadows do not win the war, and it will also prevent you being kicked out of the faction.

How to become an Immortal

One of the few ways that you can become an Immortal is by joining the Shadows faction and winning the Rite of Exile. Players can do this by becoming part of the Shadows through the Shadow Lottery, or they can have another player use an Akeba’s Signet.

When you are part of the faction, you can either join or create a Dark Clan. Your clan has to become the best clan in order to defeat the Immortals in battle.

Alternatively, you can become an Immortal through an invitation or by applying. However, you need to be approved by the Immortal, or by one of their Lieutenants first.

This is not a simple procedure, as the faction will interview you thoroughly to check your character before approving your application.

How to complete Immortal tasks

Immortal members have to complete daily quests to strengthen the faction, rank up, and prepare for the Rite of Exile event. Since this event is determined by the Shadow’s progress, the Immortals need to be prepared as early as possible for the inevitable battle.

Daily tasks include finishing bounties, interacting with the Wall of Honor, and completing a specific dungeon, among other activities. You will receive Sigil of Dominance for completing these quests.

Immortal benefits

As previously mentioned, joining a faction gives you access to various activities and bonuses. When you are part of the Immortals, you will get access to the Immortal Vault.

It contains the most powerful weapons and gear in Diablo Immortal. Even though you are limited to your class specific items, you can claim one legendary item at a time.

As Immortals, players have access to exclusive gaming modes, including Kion’s Ordeal, which is a 48-player raid which the higher-ranked Immortals can complete to earn great rewards.

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