Diablo Immortal: Shrumble

You can find Shrumble, a powerful boss, in the north western area of Diablo Immortal’s new area, Ancients’ Cradle.

Players can customize and control a fictional character in this massively multiplayer online video game, Diablo Immortal. Since the game is part of the Diablo franchise, you can explore the ghostly realm of Sanctuary.

Blizzard recently announced a major update for Diablo Immortal which introduced a new area. As you explore Ancients’ Cradle, you may encounter Shrumble.

Diablo Immortal: Shrumble

Your next Diablo Immortal adventure takes you to Ancients’ Cradle – a remote island in the Forgotten Sea. Players can meet the ancient Lilith and Inarius people as they continue to pursue the Cult of Terror after their retrieval of the Pathstone.

The new area invites players to complete a series of quests while slaying new monsters. One of the monsters you can encounter in Ancients’ Cradle is Shrumble, however, some players are having a trouble locating the enemy.

According to Redditor Lawlianne, players can find Shrumble in the top corner of the first square room, which is northeast of the Shieldholm waypoint. Another gamer mentioned that he had to clear the areas 4 times before Shrumble spawned.

To access this area, players must travel to the north western area of the map as Shrumble only spawns in that region.

Diablo Immortal: Ancients' Cradle Map

When does Shrumble spawn?

Players should note that Shrumble may already be defeated when they reach his location. Unfortunately, the boss does not respawn frequently, so you may have to wait a while before he spawns.

Although it is tempting to continue with other quests as you wait for Shrumble to respawn, we recommend that you wait for him to respawn. This is because other players may defeat him while you are continuing your journey.

Shrumble’s battle

Unfortunately, it is unknown how many health points Shrumble has, however players can expect that his health points are more than 1 million. This means that conquering him may not be an easy task, as you have to deplete his health more.

Furthermore, you may possibly have to defeat adds as the battle continues. Although it is tempting to ignore the adds, it is advisable that you vanquish them as soon as possible.

This is because the adds can deal huge amounts of damage, which may kill your character.

How to unlock Shrumble

It is worth remembering that not all Diablo Immortal players will have access to Shrumble and Ancients’ Cradle. To unlock the boss, you must reach Hell Difficulty VI and you have to complete the prologue quest, Fare You Well.

Regrettably, this means that players who are yet to reach Hell Difficulty VI cannot defeat Shrumble. We recommend that you focus on the monsters available to you until you meet the requirements to slay Shrumble.

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