Diablo Immortal: Set crafting

Diablo Immortal developer, Blizzard, recently announced that players are now able to craft set items, but you first have to acquire Fabled Wisp to do so.

You can discover the untold story about what took place between Diablo II and Diablo II in this exhilarating mobile game, Diablo Immortal.

As the game’s name suggests, it is part of the well-renowned video game franchise, Diablo. Therefore, you are likely to encounter similar features in the series.

When you start playing Diablo Immortal, your character will be equipped with basic gear and weapons. However, as you progress in the main story arc, you have to equip stronger gear and weapons to defeat powerful enemies.

In the past, players had to farm and grind raids and dungeons to procure new weapons and gear. However, Blizzard, the game’s developer, recently announced that players can now craft specific sets.

Why are gear and weapons important in Diablo Immortal?

Players will acquire varying types of armour and weapon sets as they advance in Diablo Immortal. Each set has unique abilities, as some can increase your character’s statistics, while others can provide you with buffs.

Some pieces are considered better than others, but this depends on their rarity, buffs, and the abilities they give your character.

The main purpose of gear and weapons is to increase your character’s strength and to protect them from incoming damage. However, weapons also allow you to deal damage to enemies.

You cannot clear content or advance in Diablo Immortal without the suitable weapons and gear.

Diablo Immortal: Set crafting

Blizzard occasionally introduces new features to Diablo Immortal through updates. On 8 November 2022, they announced that a server merge will take place and that players can enjoy a new Fire before Darkness limited-time event.

There is also a new unspeakable depths cosmetic set that you can acquire. Moreover,  players can now craft specific set items at Charsi’s forge in Westmarch. However, to craft these items, you need to acquire a new resource called Fabled Wisp, which can be acquired by salvaging set items.

Diablo Immortal: Set crafting
© Blizzard Entertainment

It is worth noting that set items acquired from dungeon bosses and Heavy Austere Chests after the maintenance update can be salvaged into a Fabled Wisp.

In other words, any set items that you acquired before 8 November 2022 cannot be salvaged to acquire Fabled Wisps, but if you get set items after the maintenance update, you can salvage them to get Fabled Wisps.

Blizzard claimed that they have been listening to a deluge of feedback regarding players having a difficult time finding specific set items. They believe that adding the feature to craft specific set items will provide a path for players to complete their sets.

Allegedly, players are having a hard time finding the missing set pieces because the items can only be found in specific dungeons on specific difficulties. Higher-level difficulties require a team of players and cannot be completed solo.

Therefore, players, especially on low-population servers, have struggled with finding groups to complete the content with.

How to salvage set items

The chances of procuring a set item that you are not going to use are quite high. Luckily, you a can salvage these items to receive useful crafting materials.

Diablo Immortal: Set crafting
© Blizzard Entertainment

Players can get 3 types of Upgrade Materials from salvaging items, including scrap materials, enchanted dust, and glowing shards. Each of these items have a unique purpose in Diablo Immortal.

To salvage items, you can go to any Blacksmith in the game. Most players go to Charsi in Westmarch.

In the salvage menu, you simply have to select the items that you want to salvage and click on the “Salvage” button in the lower right corner of the menu.

What are set items?

Sets in Diablo Immortal are the highest tier items that you can obtain once you have reached the highest character level. Green sets usually only drop at the final boss of a dungeon.

This means that previously, players had to farm dungeons over and over again in the hope that set items would drop. But fortunately, with the new set crafting feature, you no longer have to farm a dungeon multiple times to complete your set.

It is worth noting that you need to have a number of items from that set to activate its buff. This means that you have to equip a certain number of items, or the buff would not activate.

Can you upgrade the crafted set items?

Although it is yet to be announced, players will allegedly be able to upgrade their crafted set items. Set pieces can be upgraded to a maximum rank of 10, and it will gain a bonus attribute at rank 6.

If you do not like the attribute, you can reforge it at the Blacksmith to get an attribute that you prefer.

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