Diablo Immortal: Season 19

Although Season 19 of Diablo Immortal is yet to be announced, players have created their own theories on what the season will introduce.

You can explore the ghostly realm of Sanctuary like never before in this adventurous mobile game, Diablo Immortal.

To advance in the game, you have to vanquish demons, explore various regions, complete quests and upgrade your characters.

Season 19

Similarly to the game’s predecessors, Diablo Immortal consists of various seasons, each of which is linked to the Battle Pass System.

If you progress in the game’s season, you can earn unique rewards, enjoy new content and acquire unique cosmetic items.

Season 18 of Diablo Immortal began on Thursday, 28 September 2023 and it will conclude on Thursday, 26 October 2023.

This season features the Hungering Moon, Fractured Plane, Shady Stock, Trials of the Warrior, Conqueror and Perils of the Fen.

Since season 18 is ending, players are curious to know when season 19 of Diablo Immortal will commence.

According to some Diablo Immortal players, the new season will begin on Thursday, 26 October 2023 at approximately 3:00 a.m. server time.

It is also rumored that Blizzard, the game’s developer, will release the patch notes for season 19 on Tuesday, 24 October 2023.

However, other Diablo Immortal players believe that the patch notes for the new season will only become available on Wednesday, 25 October 2023.

Since Blizzard is yet to announce when the patch notes for the new season will be released, we recommend that you keep an eye on the official Diablo Immortal website, since all official patch notes and updates are released on the website.

Previous seasons

All previous seasons of Diablo Immortal introduced new, exciting content for you to enjoy, but keep in mind that these seasons were only available for a limited time.

The following table lists some of the previous seasons that gamers were able to enjoy:

Season Active dates Activities
2 7 July 2023 until 4 August 2022 This season was hemmed around the Bloodsworn and featured unique cosmetic items that you were able to acquire.
4 1 September 2023 until 29 September 2023 It introduced the Inner Light Battle Pass, Inner Light cosmetic set, a new Helliquary boss and several events.
7 24 November 2022 until 22 December 2022 It introduced wave 2 of server merges, Ancient Guardians cosmetic set, Voidwound Cage exploration task and limited-time events.
14 8 June 2023 until 29 June 2023 Players were able to procure the Children of Lilith and the Hatred’s Heritage cosmetic sets. You were also able to obtain the Mother’s Lament Legendary Gem.

Season 19 Leaks

Although Blizzard is yet to announce the details surrounding season 19 of Diablo Immortal, some players have created their own theories about what the new season will introduce.

According to one specific player, there have been leaks about the new season, but there is no guarantee that the leaks will be introduced in the game.

It is rumored that the new season will introduce 42 new Legendary Items, which can only be obtained in Inferno III and higher. Furthermore, players will be able to initiate a vote to remove an inactive player while doing a random dungeon.

Some players believe that the max Challenge Rift level in Inferno Difficulties will increase to 450 for Season 3, while the difficulty of 381-410 will be lowered.

Season 19 will also allegedly be able to match with players from other servers for a Dungeon, BG and Wild Brawl.

What is the theme for Season 19?

As explained, Blizzard is yet to release the patch notes for season 19, which essentially means that the upcoming season’s theme is still undetermined.

However, based on previous seasons, we know that season 19’s theme will be very exciting as it will introduce unique cosmetic items, weapons and content for you to enjoy.

That being said, players should note that the cosmetic items which correspond to the new theme will not be added to Diablo Immortal permanently.

This means that if you are interested in obtaining the new cosmetic items, you should do so before the season concludes.

Battle Passes

With the release of season 19, Diablo Immortal players will be able to progress in a new Battle Pass, which comprises 3 tiers.

All players will have access to the free, standard Battle Pass, but if you are interested in earning additional rewards, you can purchase one of the following Battle Passes:

Name Description
Empowered Battle Pass This pass includes all rank rewards from the free, standard Battle Pass, but players who purchase this pass will get additional rewards at every rank. When you unlock this path, you will receive cosmetic items that correspond to season 19’s theme.
Collector’s Empowered Pass If you purchasing this pass, you will receive all rank rewards and cosmetics from the standard battle pass and the empowered battle pass. However, you can also earn an Avatar Frame, Portal Cosmetic and a ten-rank boost.

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