Diablo Immortal: Phantom Gallery

Diablo Immortal players can now participate in the Lunar Splendor Phantom Gallery event to draw randomly selected items

Blizzard releases new events for Diablo Immortal on a regular basis. When an event is active, you have to complete specific tasks to earn rewards.

On Monday, 29 January 2024, Blizzard released an update to introduce the Lunar Splendor Phantom Gallery.

This festive event gives players the opportunity to procure Legendary Gems, Legendary Crests as well as Familiar Contracts, among other items.

While the event is active gamers are able to use Litra, a new currency exclusive to the Lunar Splendor Phantom Gallery, to purchase the ability to draw one item at random from the available item pool.

Diablo Immortal: Phantom Gallery
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It is worth noting that there are 10 items in total, but you can only draw every item from the pool once. This essentially means that if you perform 10 draws, you are guaranteed to get all of the available items in the pool.

Every time you draw an item during the event, the price of the next draw will increase.

Once you have all the items from the prize pool, you will receive the Firework Vendor Contract, which is valid for 60 days. Using this item summons a Fireworks Vendor which will follow you in safe zones and launches your choice of fireworks.

In addition to the Fireworks Vendor Contract, you will receive additional rewards on draws 2, 4, 7 and 9.

You will therefore receive 1000 Eternal Orbs, 11 Legendary Crests, Maw of the Deep 5-Star Legendary Gem as well as an Aberrant Darkling Vessel.

Drop Rates

The update revealed that the items in the prize pool have specific drop rates, but the drop rates are only active for the first draw.

When you have performed your first draw, the drop rates of the items will be removed. The items that you draw after the first draw are therefore randomly selected.

The table below lists the drop rates for the first draw:

Item Drop rate for first draw
2-star Legendary Gem: Igneous Scorn 74.24%
Familiar Contract 21.93%
10 Legendary Crests 1.41%
30 Bound Gem Fragments 0.94%
5-star Legendary Gem Maw of the Deep 0.55%
15 Legendary Crests 0.27%
Masterwork Gem Chest 0.23%
Masterwork Gem Chest 0.16%
Greater Masterwork Gem Chest 0.16%
25 Legendary Crests 0.12%


As previously explained, you can use a new Phantom Gallery currency called Litra, to purchase the ability to draw one item at random from the available item pool.

This currency can be purchased with Eternal Orbs, but keep in mind that any unspent Litra will be removed when the event ends.

Since the items are selected randomly, Blizzard is providing players with the initial draw rates for each item to help them decide if they would like to engage with the event beyond their first free draw.

Although Blizzard revealed that the first draw can be made for free, several players have mentioned that they are unable to perform the draw for free.

If you cannot perform the first draw for free, we recommend that you submit a ticket to Blizzard to make them aware of this issue.

Familiar Contract

One of the items that you can acquire from the Phantom Gallery is a Familiar Contract. This item can be used to summon Familiars from the Familiar Portal.

In addition to the Phantom Gallery, you can procure Familiar Contracts by completing numerous activities in the game, including dungeons, towers and quests.

If you are not interested in farming a Contract, you can purchase one from the Familiar Shop or trade with other players.

The Familiar Portal features numerous randomly-selected Familiars every day, though you can refresh the portal for a fee.

Since Familiars were only added to Diablo Immortal recently, a Familiar Contract is a well sought after item, as it enables you to summon a Familiar.

Maw of the Deep

Another valuable item that you can draw during the Phantom Gallery event is the Legendary 5-Star gem, Maw of the Deep.

When you deal damage, the gem conjures a whirlpool at the enemy’s location which pulls nearby enemies to its center.

After 2 seconds, a huge sea monster erupts from the whirlpool and deals 450% base damage +1701 to all nearby enemies.

The sea monster also destroys enemy armor for 6 seconds, which increases the damage they take from your character by 24%. Keep in mind that this feature cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds though.

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