Diablo Immortal: Pets

A recent Diablo Immortal Tweet announced that players can expect Pets to be introduced to the game with the next major upgrade.

In Diablo Immortal, players can battle against ancient evils and discover the hidden history of what took place between Diablo II and Diablo III.

Similarly to its predecessors, you have to vanquish demons, explore Sanctuary and complete a variety of quests to progress in the game.


The game’s developer, Blizzard, regularly updates the game to ensure that it does not become monotonous and that players are having the best gaming experience.

On Friday, 17 November 2023, Diablo Immortal announced on X (formerly known as Twitter) that the Splintered Souls Expansion lurchers closer.

According to the announcement, the main story will continue to a new region covered in the debris of Mount Arreat and twisted by the remnants of the shattered Worldstone.

In the new region, players will have to confront a deadly roster of new bosses to procure awesome new loot.

You will also be able to enjoy new modes, which were designed to expand Diablo Immortal’s PvE gameplay. The post also announced that players can expect new familiars with the upcoming Splintered Souls Expansion.

Diablo Immortal: Pets
© Blizzard

A familiar, alternatively referred to as a pet, is essentially a summonable companion of a player. Pets can attack enemies while not being under a player’s control. In a way, pets function as monsters, except that they are fighting on your side.

Unfortunately, the announcement did not reveal much about the upcoming familiars and the video only teased players about the exciting new content that they can expect in the near future.


Diablo 3 is the latest installment in the Diablo franchise, and it contains numerous pets which players can use to destroy enemies.

Although the pets for Diablo Immortal have yet to be announced, several players believe that the pets will be very similar to those in Diablo 3.

Diablo Immortal: Pets
© Blizzard

The following table lists some of the pets in Diablo 3:

Pet’s name Description
Diablo, The Prime Evil This Diablo 3 pet is based on one of the most powerful enemies in Diablo 1. This familiar is considered one of the best pets in Diablo 3.
Lamb Unlike other pets, Lamb is an orphan child with a sword and a shield.
The Angelic Goblin This pet combines 2 polar opposite NPCs from the Diablo series.

When will pets be implemented in Diablo Immortal?

According to the announcement, players can expect the pets to be released over the 2023 holiday period.

Unfortunately, an exact date is yet to be revealed, but can keep an eye on the official Diablo Immortal website and social media platforms for further updates about the pets.

Blizzard will reportedly announce additional information about the upcoming pets as the 2023 holiday season draws closer, however, it is unknown when the information will be released.

Allegedly, the pets, the new bosses, the new zone as well as the new quests will all be released on the same day.

How to acquire pets

Once the pets are implemented in Diablo Immortal, players can acquire them and use them to vanquish the demons from Sanctuary. However, there is a possibility that you may need to meet certain requirements to collect a pet.

Furthermore, several Diablo Immortal players believe that they may have to complete a quest, or defeat a certain boss, to acquire the necessary item to summon their new pet.

Unfortunately, it is unknown what the mission is, or which boss you may need to vanquish to collect the new pet.

Diablo Immortal: Pets
© Blizzard

Will the pets have skills?

Some classes in the Diablo series are able to summon a pet as a skill, but these pets only have 1 purpose and that is to attack whatever the character is attacking.

However, several Diablo Immortals believe that the new pets will have unique skills to defeat these enemies.

Allegedly, you will be able to upgrade these skills in order to make your pets stronger.

It is noteworthy that there is no guarantee that gamers will need to complete a certain quest to earn a pet, or be able to improve their pets’ skills.

We therefore recommend that you keep an eye on the official Diablo Immortal platforms for official information, as the information which was released so far has only been theories that players created.

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