Diablo Immortal launches Terror Rifts

Diablo Immortal players can now complete Terror Rifts to earn Stygian Fragments, which can be used to summon a powerful monster

Every fan of the Diablo series knows that Elder Rifts are the primary source of Legendary Gems, however, Blizzard recently announced that Diablo Immortal players will be able to enjoy Terror Rifts.

These rifts are spiked gateways through which Diablo’s forces launch their assault.

Players should note that they can only enjoy this new activity from 8:00 until 14:00 and also from 18:00 until 1:00 a.m. server time.

During an active period, 3 random zones will be invaded, and a Terror Rift Portal will appear in the zones at 30-minute intervals.

Diablo Immortal launches Terror Rifts
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The Zones with active Terror Rift Portals are denoted on the World Map, but keep in mind that you need to track down a portal to enter the rift.

Once you are inside, you will face hordes of savage creatures and if you vanquish them, you will earn Stygian Fragments.

Once you have obtained 200 Fragments, you can sacrifice them to initiate a one-on-one fight with a stronger opponent.

Players who vanquish this opponent will receive a reward chest. That being said, if you complete this process as many times as you can in 13 minutes, you will receive additional rewards.

There are only 4 Stygian Spires active during a Terror Rift, which means that it may take you a while to find it. However, if you harness all 4, you will receive the maximum number of reward chests per run.

Diablo Immortal players should note that they can only earn rewards up to 10 times a week from Terror Rifts, with the weekly reset happening every Monday.

Once you have earned all weekly rewards, you can continue to enjoy Terror Rifts, but you will only be able to earn drops from enemies.

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