Diablo Immortal: Kion difficulty

Kion’s Ordeal is a 48-player raid in Diablo Immortal which consists of varying difficulty levels and players can only unlock difficulty levels by completing the previous level.

Gamers can explore the ghostly realm of Sanctuary like never before in this adventurous mobile game, Diablo Immortal.

The game is set between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III, therefore, you can expect similarities in the games. There are various features in Diablo Immortal, such as Kion, however, many players have wondered about its difficulty levels.

Raids in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal has different types of Raids, including Challenge Rifts, Dungeons, Elder Rifts, Helliquary Bosses, and Kion’s Ordeal. You have to clear the area and defeat the raid’s boss to receive loot.

You cannot complete the raids alone, so you should team up with other players for these. Each raid requires a specific number of players to complete it. Some raids require only 2 players, whilst others require up to 48 players.

Unfortunately, there are certain requirements that you have to meet to unlock these raids. This means that early-game players cannot attempt to complete them.

Diablo Immortal: Kion difficulty

Players who have an Immortal Elite or higher rank can participate in Kion’s Ordeal. This raid requires 48 players divided into 4 teams of 12 players. This is because there are 4 portals in the raid, and only 12 people can enter 1 portal.

Diablo Immortal: Kion difficulty
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The teams have to fight 4 bosses simultaneously. When a boss dies, the other bosses gain more power, which makes them more challenging to kill. You only have 30 minutes to complete Kion’s Ordeal.

Once you have completed the raid, you will be rewarded with powerful loot and a faction-wide buff called Blessing of Daedessa. This buff increases rewards for Elder Rift runs for every non-Shadows player on the server.

It is worth noting that the raid contains different difficulty levels. The higher the difficulty level you complete, the better the rewards you receive.

However, Kion’s Ordeal is a weekly quest, which means that you have to complete it weekly to receive Daedessa’s Blessing.

By completing a difficulty level, you unlock the following difficulty level, however, you will only be able to attempt the next level the following week. Each passing level provides you with greater loot and more difficult tasks.

That being said, when you reach the highest difficulty level of Kion’s Ordeal, you will be able to complete the raid multiple times a day.

However, it can be extremely difficult to reach the highest difficulty level of Kion’s Ordeal as you need to have the correct strategy and powerful allies for this.

How to enter Kion’s Ordeal

In order to enter Kion’s Ordeal, you have to use Essentia. The upper Immortals or any one of the 4 Lieutenants can unlock this raid, but not all Immortals can enter it.

You must therefore either be The Immortal, one of the Lieutenants of the Elite, to enter the raid.

Once you have entered Kion’s Ordeal, you will spawn in a room with 4 portals. Every portal is directed towards a different Tormentor. Players should strategise which portals to enter as only 12 players can enter 1 portal.

Diablo Immortal: Kion difficulty
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Kion’s Ordeal Strategy

Players should note that when you kill a Tormentor, the rest of the Tormentors deal more damage. You should thus aim to kill all 4 Tormentors simultaneously.

The entire team should keep an eye on the Tormentor’s health points, and when all 4 bosses’ health points are low, work together to defeat them at the same point.

It is thus vital that you sign a group leader for all 4 teams who can command the team to attack the boss, or to stop attacking it. Communication is thus imperative for the completion of  Kion’s Ordeal.

How to acquire your loot

After completing the raid, you will return to the main room to distribute the loot. To do that, players can tap on the crystal located in the room. Once a certain number of players have clicked on the crystal, the loot distribution commences.

In the center, you will find 6 chests, each of which contains a piece of equipment. There will then be 4 rounds of the lottery, and in every round, that is a chance that you could acquire the equipment.

The first round has 6 chests, and the second has 5. This pattern continues until there are 3 chests left.

Diablo Immortal players have to stand in the chest proximity circle to participate in the lottery. At the top of each chest, you will notice a piece of equipment. If you are interested in the equipment, you have to stand in the chest’s proximity.

Everyone in the proximity circle gets assigned a random number by the game and the one who gets the highest number gets the equipment from the chest.

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