Diablo Immortal: Justice without Favor

Justice without Favor is a legendary item in Diablo Immortal, however, only Crusaders can equip it in their chest slots.

In Diablo Immortal, players have to collect shattered fragments of the corrupted Worldstone to save the world. Since the game is part of the Diablo franchise, you can encounter similar classes, locations and items throughout the series.

One of the items that you can encounter is Justice without Favor, which only Crusaders can use.

Diablo Immortal: Justice without Favor

Justice without Favor is a Legendary gear piece that Crusaders can equip in the chest slot. Since it is a Legendary piece, players can upgrade it at a Blacksmith, and it can be socketed with Legendary Gems.

Diablo Immortal: Justice without Favor
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Justice without Favor is a highly valuable item in terms of its defenses and buffs. It will definitely make a Crusader’s journey through the spitfires of Hell a lot more bearable.

This item influences a Crusader’s Conjuration of Light, which surrounds your character and your allies with holy fire that continually damages all nearby enemies.

Although this skill no longer prevents damage, it does have several potential magic attributes, which are as follows:

Attribute Description
Maximum Life It is increased by 1 percent
Beneficial effect duration It is increased by 10 percent
Damage taken while moving It is decreased by 5 percent
Continual damage It is decreased by 20 percent
Stun Resistance It has increased by 4 percent.

In addition to magic attributes, you can benefit from a 2-428 increase in Strength, Willpower, Vitality or Fortitude.

How are attributes chosen?

Gamers should note that they will not receive all available attributes and magic attributes when they equip the Justice without Favor item.

Players will receive either 2 or 3 random attributes and they will benefit from 1 to 3 random magic attributes.

This means that you cannot select which attributes you want, as they are randomly assigned to the item. However, you can reroll its bonus attributes by going to any Blacksmith.

Players then have to select the “Justice without Favor” item and click on “Reforge”.

How to acquire Justice without Favor

Players can get Justice without Favor as a reward for completing daily or weekly objectives.

However you can also obtain it by completing different events and activities in Diablo Immortal. This includes dungeons, bounties and challenge rifts, amongst other things.

You can also obtain the item through the Honor Merchant by trading your Honor Currency, which can be found in his “General” tab where there is only 1 Mystery Legendary item available weekly.

Keep in mind that you need approximately 3000 Honor to purchase this item.

Holy Banner Raid Build

There are several builds in Diablo Immortal, but not all of them feature Justice without Favor. For the Holy Banner Raid build, you can use the following items:

Gear slot Item
Main Hand Tumult
Off Hand Sinkhole Cross
Head Arrowkeeper
Shoulder Wind-Blessed Pauldrons
Chest Justice without Favor
Legs Leggings of the Consigner
Hands Bloody Hand
Waist Exemplar’s Urge
Feet Beacon’s Urge
Rings Broken Palm and Severed Thumb

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