Diablo Immortal: Invocation

Invocation is a new weapon feature in Diablo Immortal, but you need to be part of a Warband to receive its benefits.

Diablo Immortal is an adventurous game that combines combat strategies with role-playing elements. Since it is part of the classic Diablo series, gamers can explore the vast open world of Sanctuary.

Although there is some similar gameplay and mechanics in the series, you will experience Diablo like never before in this mobile version.

You start your adventure in the small town of Wortham, which is being threatened by cultists and the undead. In addition to completing the main story arc, players can enjoy in-game events, join a warband, complete Elder Rifts, and acquire new gear.

Blizzard, the game’s developer, recently introduced new features to the game, one of which is the Invocation gear. However, it can be complicated to understand.

Castle Cyrangar

In the outskirts of Westmarch lies an ancient fortress that is rife with unspeakable horrors to defeat, mysterious secrets to uncover, and if players are successful; a new home for your Warband.

Castle Cyrangar replaces Warband Camps, and it introduces two re-playable game modes with several passive bonuses that can be upgraded as you secure and defend your castle.

To unlock your Warband’s castle, you at least have to be on level 20 before speaking to Valstus in Westmarch’s Rakkis Plaza.

The castle has 3 main areas of emphasis for players to engage with, namely Warband Rooms, Defense of Cyrangar, and Purging the Depths.

Diablo Immortal: Invocation

With the rediscovery of Castle Cyrangar, Diablo Immortal players can find Ancestral Weapons, which are ancient armaments which were thought to be lost to time. Regrettably, some of these weapons have fallen into enemy hands.

Players can now find them anywhere in Sanctuary, however, these weapons have the highest chance of dropping in the Purge of the Depths and Defense of Cyrangar game modes.

In order to benefit from these powerful weapons, you have to slot them into your Ancestral Tableau, which you can find in the heart of Castle Cyrangar. Once placed, an Ancestral Weapon will grant a portion of its Attributes to all the members of the Warband.

Diablo Immortal: Invocation
© Blizzard Entertainment

However, each Warband member can only place 1 Ancestral Weapon in the Tableau. In addition to the bonus Attributes, players can use special powers from the Warband’s Ancestral Weapons while equipping Invocation Gear.

All the gear that drops in Sanctuary has a chance of possessing an additional Invocation property. Invocation Gear can be equipped in its respective item slot to get the benefit and trigger the ability of the Ancestral Weapon.

Players can mix and match their Invocation gear with the Ancestral Weapon of their choice to further customise their build.

Diablo Immortal: Ancestral Tableau
© Blizzard Entertainment

For instance, the Ancestral Weapon may deal lightning damage to surrounding enemies, but you can combine it with an Innovation that has a chance to trigger your Ancestral Property when you deal damage.

It will result in an opportunity to deal lightning damage to surrounding enemies when you deal damage.

Top farming locations for Invocation Legendary items

As previously mentioned, you can obtain Invocation gear items throughout Sanctuary, however, some locations have bigger chances of dropping the items than others.

The Defense of Cyrangar is guaranteed to drop an Ancestral Weapon, but it is randomly generated so you do not know which weapon you will get. Players can use the normal mode or the endless mode of this activity once a week to earn a weapon.

Diablo Immortal: Ancestral Tableau
© Blizzard Entertainment

Alternatively, you can explore the Purge of the Depths for a chance at receiving an Ancestral Weapon.

If you are not willing to invest time to farm a weapon, you can purchase a mysterious weapon from the in-game shop as there is a chance that you will get an Invocation Weapon. However, you can also complete dungeons for a chance to receive Invocation items.

Can regular weapons activate the Ancestral Weapons?

It is important to note that weapons that do not have the Invocation trait will not activate the Ancestral Weapon ability. It is thus advisable that you farm and equip new weapons that feature the Invocation trait as quickly as possible.

Bear in mind that you have to be part of a Warband to benefit from Invocation and Ancestral Weapons as it is a Warband-exclusive feature.


A Warband is a small group of players that want to enjoy Diablo Immortal as a party, rather than as solo players. It is quite similar to a guild, but the maximum number of members that a Warband can have is 8.

These groups are formed inside a guild that you have joined. Players can either create a Warband or they can join an already existing Warband to receive its benefits.

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