Diablo Immortal: Inferno

You have to be at least Paragon level 800 and defeat the Phangwrth, Warmth-Feaster to unlock the new difficulty level, Inferno, in Diablo Immortal

Gamers are invited to explore the ghostly realm of Sanctuary in this adventurous video game, Diablo Immortal. As the game’s name implies, it is part of the Diablo series and is set between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III.

Diablo Immortal’s latest update introduced a new difficulty mode, which is called Inferno.

Diablo Immortal: Inferno

On Tuesday, 13 June 2023, Blizzard, the game’s developer, released the patch notes for a Diablo Immortal Update. This update introduced a new Island and  a new difficulty mode called Inferno.

In Diablo III, Inferno is the fourth, final and most challenging difficulty. It is allegedly even more challenging than the Hell difficulty.

We believe that the Inferno mode in Diablo Immortal follows the same principle, as the description states, “A hotter degree of difficulty has erupted from the depths of the Burning Hells: Inferno.”

Diablo Immortal: Inferno
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To access Inferno Difficulty I, players have to vanquish Phangwrth, Warmth-Feaster on Hell Difficulty VII and you have to be at least Paragon level 800.

We recommend that you become a master of Inferno Difficulty I before attempting Difficulties II and III. However, to unlock them, you must defeat a new breed of evil – the Hearthrot Demons.

Phangwrth, Warmth-Feaster

Phangwrth is the 5th Voidwound Helliquary boss that players can defeat in Diablo Immortal. This boss was introduced as part of the Terror’s Tide update.

Although this boss seems very intimidating, Diablo Immortal players have shared on the official Discord channel that they vanquished him within 10 seconds.

You may attempt to destroy this boss solo, but it is advisable that you team up with other players. This is because you may vanquish him quicker as a team than as a solo player.

Hearthrot Demons

When you have completed the Inferno Difficulty I several times and gained new items to make your characters stronger, you can try to defeat the Hearthrot Demons.

It is vital to note that these new demons are extremely strong and will destroy gamers who are not prepared for the battle.

Not all Demons unlock Difficulty II and III, but all of them drop Demonic Remains such as:

  • Vhansoon, Desolation’s Scourge
  • Strazos, Steadfast Decay (Unlocks Difficulty II)
  • Gebdu, Mountain Breaker
  • Khuluul, the Crooked Grin (Unlocks Difficulty III)
  • Yamnaal of the Deluge
  • Saarodan, Sky-Sunderer

Demonic Remains

All Hearthrot Demons drop Demonic Remains once vanquished. Every remain matches an applicable slot in your Helliquary.

When you have defeated all of them and collected their remains, they will be available in the Helliquary Gauntlet.

Although vanquishing them in a series of battles is challenging, completing the Inferno Helliquary Gauntlet on every difficulty level will reward you with cosmetics from the Scions of the Storm Arge set.

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