Diablo Immortal: Howler Hunt

Diablo Immortal’s Howler Hunt event invites players to complete a specific activity while another player is tasked to vanquish his companions

In addition to following the main arc of Diablo Immortal, players can participate in limited-time events to earn valuable rewards. One of the events that you can enjoy is Howler Hunt, which began on Wednesday, 31 January 2024.

You have until Wednesday, 21 February to complete the event’s objectives and earn rewards. The event description explains that one of you shall betray the other, but strike falsely and your ranks first.

The bloodthirsty Howler has infiltrated a group of Adventurers, and you have to find and destroy it before it kills you.

Diablo Immortal: Howler Hunt
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Unfortunately, players who have yet to reach level 30 cannot participate in this event. If you meet the level requirement, you have to obtain Sacred Energy from Sacred Wards and submit them to the Altar of Purging.

Players can find this Altar at the center of the map. When the match commences, one of your companions will become the

Howler, which is tasked with sabotaging their former companions’ progress. The Howler can also use additional threats to their advantage to disrupt any progress made.

Howlers can summon Undead Incursions and blighted Sacred Wards to cause chaos and sow the seeds of dissents from the shadows. As a Howler, you have to keep your identity a secret to win the match.

If you slay your nearest ally, you will reveal your true Howler form for several seconds, so we recommend that you slay a target when no one else is near. Players should note that subsequent kills will create longer cooldown times.

How to begin a Howler Hunt

Players who meet the level requirement can take the following steps to begin the Howler Hunt activity:

Step Description
1 Players have to open the Event Menu. At the bottom of the event list, you will find Howler Hunt.
2 After clicking the “Go” icon, you will be added to the queue. Once your activity is ready, you can either accept or decline the invitation.
3 On the event map, you have to cleanse Sacred Wards to earn Sacred Energy. The Sacred Energy will then have to be put in the Altar. However, if you are a Howler, you must defeat players.
4 The match concludes when the Howlers have been executed or if they have killed all the players on the map


When a corpse is found during a match, a vote will be called to execute the adventurer suspected of the foul deed.

This essentially means that there is a chance that players could execute the wrong adventurer. In this case, the match will continue and the Howler will still be able to kill players.

If players execute the correct person, they will win the match and be rewarded. However, if the Howler manages to slay all of his or her companions, they will win the match.

We therefore recommend that you carefully consider which player you want to execute during the vote.

Strategy for players

When the match starts, you will be informed whether you have been chosen as the Howler or not. If you were not selected, you have to collect and turn in Sacred Energy.

Even though you can complete this task without a strategy, this is not recommended.

If you collect the Sacred Energy alone, you may be the perfect target for the Howler. We therefore advise players to collect the Sacred energy in pairs.

That being said, there is a possibility that the player you are collecting the energy with is the Howler.

So you cannot trust your partner while collecting the Sacred Energy. We also recommend that you keep a close eye on your partner to see if he or she performs any suspicious activities.

Strategy for the Howler

If you are the Howler, you will have to come up with a strategy to vanquish all of your companions.

It is advisable to pretend you are collecting Sacred Energy and turning it in at the Altar to give the other players the impression that you are a normal player.

You will have to kill other players to win the match, though this is easier said than done. Players may collect the energy in pairs, which will make defeating them much more difficult.

You can summon the Undead when you are alone to prevent the other Diablo Immortal players from seeing you.

Howlers can kill other players who are collecting the Energy alone. If you use this strategy, you will not be seen destroying the other player.

While you are in your true Howler form, you may have to hide, in case another player enters the area.

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