Diablo Immortal: High Heavens Scroll

Blizzard performed an April Fool’s joke by sending Diablo Immortal players a Scroll to the High Heavens, which, when used, instantly kills your character.

Diablo Immortal players can obtain a variety of items as they complete quests, dungeons and Elder Rifts. However, over the last few days, players have received an in-game mail that contained a new item called  the Scroll of Heavenly Portal.

Diablo Immortal: High Heavens Scroll
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The mail mentions that you did not pick up the item from your last dungeon run and therefore the developers sent it to you via the in-game mailing system.

Players can use this scroll to travel to the High Heavens, but it has a timer and when the time depletes, it can no longer be used.

However, on the official Diablo Immortal Forums and on the Official Discord server, several players mentioned that once they have used the scroll, they instantly die.

On the official Forum, a player named Meteorblade mentioned that the scroll was designed to kill your character instantly once you use it.

He also mentioned that the scroll was sent to players on Monday, 1 April 2024, which is on April Fool’s Day.

It can therefore be assumed that Blizzard sent the scroll to players to perform an April Fool’s prank on them and it seems like they were successful, as several players have taken to various platforms to report the bug.

Since April Fool’s day 2024 has already concluded, we believe that you will no longer be able to use the scroll to participate in the developer’s April Fool’s prank.

If you did not use the scroll in time, you did not miss out on much exciting content as it only killed a character. Players who used the scroll did not receive any boosts, bonuses or buffs when their characters were killed.

Best items in Diablo Immortal

The Scroll to the Heavens may be considered one of the worst items in the game, but there are various other items that you can procure:

Item Description
Windloft Perfection This set is great for grouping Trash Mobs and it features a great synergy with the Wizard’s Solo Farming build.
Isaatar Imbued This Monk item provides you with additional movement speed and bonus damage. This allows you to move swiftly through Trash Bombs while keeping your fighting tempo up.
Shepherd’s Call to Wolves It provides a damage boat to Summons and also a boost to the Summoner, based on how many allies were summoned. It is considered the best item for Necromancers.
War Rags of Shal’Baas This item provides players with bonus Primary Attack Damage and Primary Attack Speed. Although every class can benefit from it, it is best used with Demon Hunters and Wizards.

What if you did not receive the scroll?

It is believed that there is no requirement or milestone that must be met to get the Scroll of the Heavens from your in-game mail. We are therefore convinced that every Diablo Immortal player will have received the item in their mail.

However, if you did not receive the mail, do not be concerned – as it did not provide any characters with any bonuses, buffs or boosts when used. The item simply killed your character when used as an April Fool’s prank from the developer.

Some players found the prank funny, while others thought it was useless; nevertheless, you can continue playing the game as normal, whether you used the item or not.

Will the Scroll of the High Heavens be removed from Diablo Immortal?

Since April Fool’s Day concluded, the Scroll of the High Heavens was removed from Diablo Immortal. However, that does not mean that Blizzard is not planning another April Fool’s Day prank for 2025.

Although the next April Fool’s Day is a year away, we recommend that players keep in mind that Blizzard likes to prank players to celebrate the unique day.

You should therefore keep an open mind when the next April Fool’s day comes around and be cautious when using any items which have been sent by mail.

Can you still use the Scroll of High Heavens?

Once the Scroll of High Heavens is in your inventory, you can click on it and a timer will appear.

This timer shows how much time you have left to use the scroll, which means that if the timer depletes, it will be removed from your inventory, whether you have used it or not.

Since April Fool’s day is over, we believe that players will no longer be able to use the scroll, however, you can check how much time is left on the timer.

That being said, there is a high chance that the item has already been removed from Diablo Immortal, which means that you cannot use it anymore.

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