Diablo Immortal: Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey in Diablo Immortal consists of different objectives for endgame players to complete in order to earn valuable rewards.

Diablo Immortal is a thrilling game that combines combat strategies with role-playing elements. In this game you can explore the persistent realm of Sanctuary.

Even though there are some similar mechanics and gameplay in the series, you can enjoy Diablo like never before in this mobile version.

Players will start their journey in the small town of Wrotham, which is being threatened by cultists and the undead. To progress in Diablo Immortal, you must complete quests, defeat enemies, and explore regions.

Once you reach the end-game phase, you can complete the Hero’s Journey.

Why can only endgame players enjoy the Hero’s Journey?

When you start playing Diablo Immortal, your character will be on a very low level, and to accommodate this, the enemies that you have to defeat are also on a low level. However, as your character’s level increases, the content will become more difficult to complete.

Therefore, you cannot enjoy the Hero’s Journey as a low level character, as the content will be too difficult to complete. Moreover, your character needs appropriate gear and weapons to succeed in Hero’s Journey, and you cannot access powerful gear as a lower level player.

If you are a low level character, you should focus on completing quests to gain experience points. Once you have completed the Realm of the Dead quest in Frozen Tundra, you will unlock the Hero’s Journey.

Diablo Immortal: Hero’s Journey

Hero’s Journey is an endgame rewards system that contains numerous objectives for you to complete. If you complete the objectives, you can earn valuable rewards, such as Crests, Aspirant’s Keys, Platinum, and unique Frames among other things.

Diablo Immortal: Hero’s Journey
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The system consists of different chapters which have to be completed in order. At the moment of writing this, there are 4 chapters available to complete with 2 more chapters planned for the future.

The table below lists the some of the objectives and rewards for each chapter:

Chapter Objectives Rewards
  • Spend 1 Paragon Point
  • Extract the Essence of a Legendary Item
  • Reach Battle Pass rank 20
  • Participate in a Battleground
  • Open 20 chests using Aspirant’s Keys
  • Complete the Haunted Carriage, Ancient Nightmare, or Demon Gates 3 times
  • Collect Monstrous Essence and reveal 5 Bestiary pages
  • Upgrade a Normal Gem to rank 4
  • Complete 24 Bounties
  • 6 Aspirant’s Keys
  • 300 Platinum
  • 6 Crests
  • 30 000 Gold
  • Complete Challenge Rift level 25
  • Kill Baal, the Lord of Destruction in Hell II
  • Spend 20 000 Hilts
  • Socket a Rank 3 Legendary Gem
  • Craft 10 Legendary Items
  • Equip 2 Set Items from the same set
  • Complete 72 Bounties
  • 12 Aspirant’s Keys
  • 600 Platinum
  • 6 Crests
  • 30 000 Gold
  • Spend 80 Paragon points
  • Deliver 10 Warband chests to the Warband Steward
  • Complete 1 Shadow Contract or Immortal Goal
  • Kill the Countess in Hell III
  • Place 3 Vessels in the Legacy Shrine
  • 18 Aspirant’s Keys
  • 900 Platinum
  • A Legendary Crest
  • Glorious Journey Frame
  • Complete Challenge Rift level 75
  • Kill Vitaath the Shivering Death on Difficulty 2
  • Socket a Rank 5 Legendary Gem
  • Equip 6 items that are upgraded to Rank 8 or higher
  • Complete 100 percent exploration in 2 zones
  • Open 250 keys using Aspirant’s Keys
  • 24Aspirant’s Keys
  • 1200 Platinum
  • A Legendary Crest
  • 50 000 Gold

When are the other chapters coming out?

At the moment, players can only complete 4 chapters of the Hero’s Journey, while 2 others are planned for the future. Chapters 5 and 6 will apparently be released on 14 December 2022, after the major Diablo Immortal update.

You should attempt to complete as many objectives as possible before the update is introduced to the game.

Does Hero’s Journey reset?

Unfortunately, all players’ Hero’s Journey will reset on 14 December 2022. This means that all the objectives that you completed will no longer be there. However, chapters 5 and 6 will become available for players to complete.

Any unclaimed rewards from previous Chapters will be set to your in-game mail. Even though you will receive the rewards, it is advised that you attempt to complete some of the objectives, as our character gains experience points.

What are the rewards for?

Although the objectives of each Chapter vary, the rewards remain the same. The following table outlines each reward that you can earn:

Reward Description
Aspirant’s Keys Players can use these keys to unlock chests inside Iben Fahd’s Sanctum
Platinum This semi-premium currency is used to create clans, purchase market items, and echo crystals. You can also use it to extract skill stones from Charms
Gold Gold is probably the most common currency you can find. You can use it to upgrade your gear, to gamble, and to create a clan among other things
Crests Players can use Crests in Elder Rifts to get rare items

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