Diablo Immortal: Glowing Shards

Diablo Immortal players have to farm Glowing Shards to increase their gear’s rankings and luckily, once it has reached rank 5, it is easy to obtain.

You are invited to explore the ghostly world of Sanctuary like never before in this thrilling game, Diablo Immortal. Because the game is part of the classic Diablo franchise, you will experience similar content and mechanics.

In this game, you can discover the untold story of the events that took place between Diablo I and Diablo III. Unlike its predecessors, this game version can be played on mobile platforms.

Players begin their adventure in the town of Wortham, which is being threatened by cultists and the undead. It is your responsibility to destroy shards of the Worldstone to prevent a world-threatening disaster from taking place.

As you advance on this mission, you will discover a variety of items, gear, and weapon sets, most of which have ranking systems.

What are gear ranks?

It is important to note that all Rare, Legendary, and Set equipment have ranks. You can increase the attributes the item provides by upgrading its rank. This is one of the main ways you can increase the Combat Rating and the power of your characters.

Additionally, Legendary gear gains Bonus Attributes when it reaches Rank 6, 11, and 16. Keep in mind that Bonus Attributes are randomly rolled attributes that could potentially make every Legendary you procure different from another.

Players can reroll the Bonus Attributes with Reforge Stones, which essentially means that your Legendary item will receive another random attribute assigned to it.

Diablo Immortal: Glowing Shards

Before you can upgrade the ranks of your gear, you have to acquire the necessary materials. Every rank upgrade requires specific materials, and the quantity of these materials increases with each rank.

Once your equipment reaches Rank 5, it needs to be upgraded with Glowing Shards, in addition to the usual Scrap Material and Enchanted Dust.

Diablo Immortal: Glowing Shards
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Glowing Shards supposedly keep players engaged in Diablo Immortal, even if it means that they have to grind for longer periods of time. It may seem like a lot of effort at first, but Glowing Shards are quite easy to acquire.

Similarly to the other upgrading materials, Glowing Shards can be acquired by looting mobs or completing quests. That being said, the number of shards you get depends on items, however, with a little patience and perseverance, players can gain a large number of shards to upgrade their items.

The most effective way to farm Glowing Shards is by completing immortal and shadow events, but you can also salvage Legendary items and complete dungeons.

Moreover, you can get a Glowing Shard by opening the Free Daily Rewards Chest, which rewards you with a random assortment of items daily.

Once you have the necessary materials, you can go to the blacksmith in Westmarch to upgrade your gears.

Rank transfers

Many players believe that problems will arise when they get a new gear item when they already have a ranked item equipped. However, you will have the opportunity to transfer the gear’s rank to the new item when you equip it.

You can also use the Rank Transfer menu at the blacksmith to transfer gear ranks manually. Keep in mind that gear ranks can only be transferred between equipment of the same category.

Enigmatic Crystals

In addition to using your Glowing Shards to upgrade your gear’s ranks, you can also use them to purchase Enigmatic Crystals. These crystals are used to upgrade the Gear Ranks of your character’s secondary equipment, which are necklaces, rings, and arm, waist, and foot armour.

To purchase Enigmatic Crystals, players can travel to a Smithing Materials Vendor and trade their Glowing Shards for crystals. Alternatively, you can acquire Enigmatic Crystals every time you first clear a Challenge Rift level.

Challenge Rifts

Challenge Rifts are, essentially, different levels, in which you can defeat varying types of enemies to earn great rewards. This is the perfect method to use to test your character’s skills and abilities, as the levels increase in difficulty. But keep in mind, the faster you complete a rift, the better the rewards you earn.

Diablo Immortal players will unlock this activity when they have completed the first 2 chapters of the story. You can complete rifts solo or with a party that contains a number of players.

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