Diablo Immortal: Gem Power Transfer

Gem Power Transfer is a new system in Diablo Immortal which allows you to use the Gem Power of Legendary Gems that you have stopped using.

In Diablo Immortal players can battle against ancient evils to discover the untold story of what occurred between Diablo II and Diablo III.

Similarly to its predecessors, in Diablo Immortal you have to farm gear and weapons to improve your characters to be able to vanquish demons.

Gem Power Transfer

On Monday, 6 November 2023, Blizzard released an update for Diablo Immortal.

This update introduced the new Gem Power Transfer System, which allows players to utilize the Gem Power of 5-star Legendary Gems which they have stopped using, without losing them.

Diablo Immortal: Gem Power Transfer
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This system consists of 3 interacting parts, namely Extraction, Infusion and Transfer. Only 5-star Legendary Gems of at least Rank 2 can be extracted, infused or transferred.

It is noteworthy that these actions will never change the quality or the Rank of the Gem involved in the process.

YouTuber, Echo Gaming Diablo, mentioned that the new Gem Power Transfer system allows players to save up to 73 duplicates worth of gem power.

In a sense, you can now extract the materials and resources that you used to upgrade a gem, and use those materials to upgrade another gem, which can then be allocated to a gem spot on your gear.


Diablo Immortal players should note that the Gem Power Transfer system does not require real money to begin, but you do have to start with Extraction.

This part essentially removes the Gem Power from a Legendary Gem before rendering it Dormant. The Gem Power will then be allocated to your inventory.

Dormant Gem cannot be upgraded, and you cannot place it in a Gem Slot, but it can be used as an Auxiliary Gem. If the Gem was unbound or bound, then the Gem Power will follow suit.


Once you have extracted the Gem Power from a Legendary Gem, you can begin the Infusion process. This process transfers Gem Power into a Dormant Legendary Gem to return it to full functionality.

You can consume Gem Power and other Legendary Gems to perform the Infusion.

If the Dormant Gem being infused is unbound or bound, any material infused must also be unbound or bound to maintain the condition of the Gem.

Keep in mind that Legendary Gems consumed for Infusion are treated the same as when you use a Legendary Gem for Gem Power.


This part of the Gem Power Transfer system in Diablo Immortal focuses on getting the Gem Power back into a Dormant Legendary Gem to return it to full functionality.

It is therefore quite similar to Infusion, though the difference is that initially you have to choose another eligible 5-star Legendary Gem which is at least Rank 2 to supply Gem Power.

In simple terms, the power-supplying Gem will be rendered Dormant, and the Dormant Gem will be returned to full functionality.

There is a chance that the Gem supplying power may not be sufficient, but you will be able to make up the difference as if you were infusing with other materials.

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