Diablo Immortal: Gem Inlay

You can assign an Auxiliary Gem to an already equipped Legendary Gem with the new Gem Inlay system in Diablo Immortal

The world of Sanctuary is once again under siege by the demonic hordes in this adventurous video game, Diablo Immortal.

You have to create and customize a character to vanquish demons and to complete numerous quests to procure gear and weapons.

Gem Inlay

On Monday, 6 November 2023, Blizzard announced the new Gem Inlay system. This new feature allows players to place an Auxiliary Legendary Gem into an already equipped Legendary Gem.

This means that the primary Gem’s affix will be replaced by the new Auxiliary Gem at Rank 1.

Diablo Immortal: Gem Inlay
© Blizzard

That being said, your Resonance, Combat Rating and Magic Find bonus will still be based on the primary Gem.

If you are considering allocating an Auxiliary Gem to an already slotted Gem, you need to remember that the Auxiliary Gem must have the same quality (star-rating) as the primary Gem.

Moreover, you cannot have duplicate Gems equipped in the primary or Auxiliary slots.

Blizzard allegedly added this feature with the intent that it will allow players to try out new Legendary Gems without giving up the Combat Rating and resources associated with their highly-ranked Gems.

Should you use Auxiliary Gems in PvP?

Echo Gaming Diablo is a famous YouTuber who regularly releases Diablo Immortal content.

In his latest video he explained that Auxiliary Gems should not be used in PvP as you will keep your high resonance due to the slotted Rank 10 Gem, but you will be allocating a Rank 1 Gem with 5-star Gem effects inside the Rank 10 Resonance.

Since your character has high Resonance, you will be placed in a higher matchmaking PvP bracket, but you will no longer experience any of the Rank 10 effects when using an Auxiliary Gem.

In simple terms, you will have empty resonance, even when your damage output is increased.

Best Auxiliary Gems

You can essentially use any Gem as an Auxiliary Gem, however, some Gems are considered better than others. The best Auxiliary Gems that you can use are outlined below:

Gem Description
Blood-Soaked Jade This Gem increases all damage that you deal by a certain percentage. It also increases your movement speed by 10 percent.
Spiteful Blood If your character is below 50 percent health, you are invulnerable to other players’ primary attacks.
Starfire Shard When your character deals damage, there is  a 30 percent chance that you will rain meteorites in an area that knocks back enemies.

Should all Gems get an Auxiliary Gem?

As previously explained, you can place an Auxiliary Legendary Gem into an already equipped Legendary Gem.

However, this does not mean that all Legendary Gems require an Auxiliary Gem to provide your character with effects and bonus.

YouTuber, Omni Flash, recommends that Diablo Immortal players slot an Auxiliary Gem to Concentrated Will, Echoing Shade and Zwenson’s Haunting.

But you can essentially experiment with the Gems that you want to slot an Auxiliary Gem to.

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