Diablo Immortal: Gem Duplication

A recent duplication bug in Diablo Immortal allows players to sell a huge amount of gems, even if they do not have the gems in their inventory.

Players can defeat ancient evils and discover the untold story of what occurred between Diablo II and Diablo III in this massively multiplayer role-playing game, Diablo Immortal.

In this game, you have to slay demons, complete quests and explore Sanctuary to advance in the game.

Gem Duplication

The game’s developer, Blizzard, recently released Season 19 for Diablo Immortal, which introduced new content, quests and battle passes for you to enjoy. Unfortunately, this update also implemented bugs, including the gem duplication bug.

Players should note that the bug is not in all Diablo Immortal servers, which means that only certain clusters are experiencing the gem dupe bug.

Some players have revealed that they are able to purchase 956 Rank 5 Tourmaline Gems for approximately 8100 Platinum.

In contrast, a Rank 1 Tourmaline Gem sells for approximately 237 Platinum. This essentially means that several players are purchasing gems for much cheaper than they normally would.

Allegedly, some players have discovered that they can create duplicate Gems of the Gems that they are selling in the Market.

According to YouTuber, Echo Gaming Diablo, these players open their market in a spectate view without going to the vendor.

They then use a certain pattern of keys, or a password of some sort, which allows them to duplicate the gems, which can be sold for Platinum.

For instance, if you use the gem dupe bug, you can sell 200 Gems, even if you only have 100 Gems in your inventory.

Diablo Immortal: Gem Exploit
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Gems available for purchase

At the moment of writing, it seems like there are only huge quantities of normal Gems available for purchase due to the gem dupe bug.

Some of the current Gems that you can purchase are as follows:

Gem Quantity Price
Rank 5 Tourmaline 956 8100 Platinum
Rank 5 Tourmaline 14 30041 Platinum
Rank 5 Citrine 975 8100 Platinum
Rank 5 Topaz 954 8100 Platinum
Rank 5 Sapphire 828 8100 Platinum

Why is it only the normal Gems?

Similarly to Diablo Immortal’s predecessors, you have to slot Gems in your gear to enhance their effects.

You can acquire different rarities of Gems, but some Gems can only be purchased with real money. Therefore, most players only use normal Gems to enhance their gear.

The normal Gems can be upgraded to increase their effect on your gear, however, acquiring enough Gems to upgrade your slotted Gems, is a tedious farm.

Players are therefore selling and purchasing normal Gems to power up their account as they no longer have to farm the Gems for hours on end to upgrade their existing Gems.

Although it is quite tempting to purchase normal Gems while this bug is active, we highly recommend that you do not purchase anything.

Why you shouldn’t participate in the gem dupe bug

Although Blizzard is yet to address the gem dupe bug, several players have voiced their opinion about the bug on several forums and on the official Diablo Immortal Discord server.

A player known as Leakin revealed on the official Discord server that this bug is breaking the game, and that the dupers should be banned from Diablo Immortal.

There is a possibility that your account will be banned from playing the game if you decide to participate in the gem duplication bug.

However, there is no guarantee that your account will be banned, since Blizzard is yet to reveal what they are going to do to solve the issue

When will the gem dupe be resolved?

Currently, it is unknown when Blizzard will resolve the gem dupe bug. However, MissCheetah, a Diablo Immortal player, recently revealed that she believes Blizzard will release an official statement in which they address the bug.

The developers will also reveal when they are going to shut down the game to resolve the issue. Once this has been done, Blizzard will also announced whether the issue was resolved or not.

MissCheetah, however, hopes that the developers will also reveal that the players who participated in this bug will receive any penalties.

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