Diablo Immortal: Familiars

It is alleged that Blizzard will implement Familiars to Diablo Immortal after a new limited-time event concludes on Monday, 18 December 2023

Diablo Immortal invites fans of the Diablo series to explore the dark realm of Sanctuary like never before.

This game gives you unprecedented flexibility to be who you want to be. You can customize your gameplay by selecting one of 7 highly iconic and customizable classes.


The game’s developers, Blizzard, recently announced that hellish bosses await gamers in the Southern Dreadlands, which is a new zone coming to Diablo Immortal.

In the new zone, you can fight for your life and explore new areas alongside your Familiars.

Diablo Immortal: Familiars
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According to the announcement, Diablo Immortal players can expect Familiars to be introduced to the game during the 2023 holiday season.

Unfortunately, Blizzard is yet to announce the exact date that the Familiars along with the new zone, quests and bosses will be added to the game.

Since the announcement was released, Blizzard has released several teaser videos to make gamers even more curious about the upcoming Familiars.

According to the latest video, which was released on the Diablo Immortal YouTube channel, your Familiar will follow your character everywhere as you travel through Sanctuary.

In the video one of the Familiars has the appearance of a moth, however, it is much bigger and has several abilities that you can use to destroy enemies. Another Familiar has the appearance of a dragon and a fairy combined.

The final Familiar revealed in the video seems to be a ghostly stag. Unfortunately, the video did not reveal any of the Familiars’ abilities or how to procure them.

However, it revealed that players will be able to evolve their Familiars to improve their abilities, which will make them stronger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shortly after Blizzard announced that they are going to implement Familiars into Diablo Immortals, players bombarded the comment section with questions. The frequently asked questions are listed below:

Question Answer
When will Familiars be added to Diablo Immortal? Players suspect that Families will be added to the game after Monday, 18 December 2023.
Will Familiars have skills? Reportedly, every Familiar will have a unique set of skills which can be used to defeat enemies.
How many Familiars will be released? The announcement video only revealed 3 Familiars, but it is assumed that additional Familiars will be released in the future.
Will there be any requirements to obtain a Familiar? We suspect that your character may need to be a certain level for you to obtain a Familiar. This is because players may have to vanquish a particular boss to unlock the Familiar.
Will all the classes be able to collect the Familiar? There are some classes in Diablo Immortal that can summon a Familiar for a short period of time. However, once the Familiars are added to the game, every class will be able to use them to defeat opponents.

Something Familiar Approaches

On Monday, 20 November 2023, Blizzard released the latest update’s patch notes, which revealed that something Familiar approaches.

From Thursday, 7 December 2023 until Monday, 18 November 2023, players level 30 and higher can participate in an event which previews the next major update.

During this event, you will receive a 100 percent bonus to experience points earned from Battle Pass levels. You can claim rewards on days 2, 4 and 8 of the event.

However, you have to log into Diablo Immortal and complete daily tasks to unlock these rewards.

Unfortunately, the rewards that you can earn by completing daily tasks are unknown, however, several gamers believe that the rewards may help you advance your Familiars.

We recommend that you keep an eye on the official Diablo Immortal website for further details.

When will Familiars be released?

Familiars will be released in the 2023 Holiday period, however, Blizzard recently announced that players level 30 and higher can enjoy an event which previews the next major update.

This event will conclude on Monday 18 December 2023, which suggests that the Familiars will only be released after 18 December 2023.

Blizzard is yet to release the official date that the Familiars will be implemented into Diablo Immortal, but several players suspect that it will happen shortly after the event concludes.

How to acquire Familiars

Since Blizzard is yet to reveal further details about the Familiars, it is impossible to know how players can acquire them.

Though considering the other installments in the Diablo series, you will have to defeat certain bosses or complete tasks to obtain a pet.

That being said, Diablo 3 players can purchase certain DLC’s to unlock new pets, however, these pets may only have cosmetic purposes and therefore, cannot, be used to defeat enemies.

Unfortunately, Diablo Immortal players will have to wait until Blizzard reveals additional information about Familiars to know how to procure them.

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