Diablo Immortal: Essence Mastery

Blizzard recently announced that players can unlock the Essence Mastery feature in Diablo Immortal, which further enhances your Legendary items.

Diablo Immortal invites players to uncover the untold history that occurred between Diablo II and Diablo III. The mobile version is quite similar to its predecessors, but with it you can allegedly experience Sanctuary like never before.

Blizzard recently announced a new system called Essence Mastery, through which you can enhance your Legendary Attributes.

Essence Extraction

Essence Extraction and Transfer is a gameplay mechanic that enables you to transfer the power of one Legendary item to another.

To unlock this feature, you need to farm and acquire 2 different Legendary items that belong to the same equipment category, such as 2 leg pieces or 2 chest pieces.

Once you have them, you will be notified that the Essence Extraction and Transfer feature is available to use in Westmarch. Players can take the items to Zamina, who can be found near the Rakkis Plaza Waypoint.

After a short dialogue, you will be able to extract the Essence of one Legendary item and transfer it to another.

Diablo Immortal: Essence Mastery

On Friday, 13 January 2023, Blizzard, Diablo Immortal’s developer, announced the introduction of several new features into the game, one of which is Legendary Essence Extraction.

Diablo Immortal: Essence Mastery
© Blizzard Entertainment

Players can now enhance their Legendary Attributes to increase their power by extracting the same essences multiple times.

However, this means that Legendary equipment can no longer be recovered at the Blacksmith. Instead, the items must be extracted.

Essence Extraction still provides you with the same Upgrade Materials that you get from salvaging. But now, as you find duplicate Legendary Equipment, your overall power will increase too.

When players obtain a new Legendary item, their first extraction will pull out the Legendary Essence, which will be stored for you to inherit at a later stage. Further extractions grant players Essence Energy, which can increase your Essence Mastery level.

Diablo Immortal: Essence Mastery
© Blizzard Entertainment

You should note that extracting Essence Energy from a specific item will become more difficult with every Essence Energy. Eventually, you will no longer be able to extract the Essence from that item.

As you increase your Essence Mastery’s level, you can further enhance the power of all your Legendary Attributes. Some skills may receive a damage bonus, while others can receive cooldown reduction effects.

Players can view their current power and the bonuses that they will unlock with next Essence Mastery level by talking to Zamina. Zamina is the Essence Transfer non-player character in Westmarch.

Allegedly, Blizzard made these changes to aid in improving the experience of finding duplicate Legendary items and so that farmers can gain power faster. However, this does not create a dominating obstacle for casual players.

Do you still have to choose between Legendary Essence and Upgrade Materials?

It is worth remembering that you no longer have to choose between getting a Legendary Essence or Upgrade Materials. Instead, players will receive Upgrade Materials on the first extraction for every Legendary Essence.

This essentially means that players will be getting more out of their duplicate Legendary items. And therefore, you will increase your Essence Mastery level.

If you increase your Essence Mastery level, you will gain several bonuses, which will likely a direct influence on your gameplay.

How many essences are required to level up your Essence Mastery?

You should remember that you need to farm multiple items to increase the level of your Essence Mastery.

Allegedly, the essence requirement for Masteries does not increase. This essentially means that you have to procure 30 essences for each Essence Mastery level.

Although it may sound like a quick task, it can take you some time to collect 30 essences.

Essence Mastery tier progression

Extracting a Legendary item duplicate for the first time grants players 1 Essence towards Mastery level 1, which requires 30 essences.

Once you have collected 30 essences, all Legendary items receive their first upgrade. This means that you will benefit from an increase in certain statistics.

Diablo Immortal players can click on the “Details” category of each item to discover which statistic will increase and how much it will increase by.

It is worth noting that it will become more difficult to extract a single essence after your first extraction. This means that after getting the first essence, you need 2 of that item to gain another essence.

In theory, you need to find and turn in 30 Legendary items to gain Essence Mastery level 1. However, that is most likely not the case as you are destined to find duplicates. This means that you will require more items to procure 30 essences.

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