Diablo Immortal: Crone

The mysterious Crone is a non-player character in Diablo Immortal, and by interacting with him, you can earn daily treats.

Gamers are invited to experience the ghostly realm of Sanctuary like never before in this game, Diablo Immortal, which is part of the classic Diablo series.

This means that you will likely encounter the same mechanics and gameplay in the series.

In this mobile version, players can discover the untold story of the events that occurred between Diablo II and Diablo III.

When you start playing Diablo Immortal, your focus should be on increasing your character’s level, by earning experience points.

In addition to completing the main story quest, there are several activities to enjoy, including in-game events.

The game recently added the Halloween event called Hallow’s Wake, and during the event, you can find the Mysterious Crone.

In-game events

In an in-game event, players can experience a video game in a new, exciting way for a limited period of time.

When an in-game event is active, you generally have to complete specific missions, tasks, and objectives to earn rewards. The items that you can get from an event can sometimes only be acquired from that specific event.

These events sometimes have themes that correspond to real-life events. For instance, since Halloween is around the corner, Diablo Immortal players can enjoy a Halloween-themed event in the game.

Some of the most successful in-game events include tournaments, limited time obstacles, and challenges. Players should ensure that they understand the tasks in the event before participating in it.

Diablo Immortal: Crone

The official description for the Hallow’s Wake limited event reveals that creatures are crawling out of their graves, and who knows if they will misbehave. These hellacious haunts like to flaunt their handiwork leaving Sanctuary gaunt.

Diablo Immortal: Crone
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For the 666 years that they have reanimated in celebration, players have had to hang around to see that they live up to reputation.

However, do not be fooled by their late-night revels, these spinster spookies are worse than devils.

Between 19 October 2022 and 2 November 2022, the boundary that separates the living from the dead grows paper thin.

For this short period, the 2 realms fuse into one for Hallow’s Wake. During this event, dastardly demos and spectos run amok in mischievous harming.

You should note that only players on level 30 or higher are tasked with eliminating goblins, vengeful dead, and cleansing haunted rifts.

By defeating these enemies, you will acquire Hallowed Stones, which can be treated for spooky rewards.

They can also be used to Trick or Treat with the mysterious Crone, or with a friend of your choice.

The mysterious Crone is a non-player character (NPC) that players can only interact with during the Hallow’s Wake event, which disappears once the event has concluded.

To find the Crone, players have to go to Wortham, which is one of the cities in Diablo Immortal. You can then select the Portal as your Way Point, and once you are in Wortham, you should go to the right, where you will find the Crone.

The Crone is situated to the far right of the Blacksmith in Wortham.

Interacting with the Crone

When you click on the Crone, you will immediately start interacting with it. The Crone will reveal a curse stalking the town.

It writhes in the dirt, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. You can request a treat from the Crone by clicking on the “Request Treat” tab.

After you click on the “Request Treat” tab, you will get an item. Keep in mind that you can only claim 1 treat from the Crone once a day.

Hallow’s Wake in-game shop

Diablo Immortal players can access the Hallow’s Wake in-game shop by opening the Event menu. In the shop, you can purchase items, some of which can only be purchased once a day.

You can purchase the Strawman Sack, which disguises your character from the spirits who wish you vengeance and scare off a few crows. This item is purely cosmetic and it does not affect your character’s abilities and skills.

Moreover, you can also purchase Gold and Scrap Materials, among others. However, the gold is limited to 50 per character, and the Scrap Materials are limited to 10 per character.

Additional events

In addition to the Hallow’s Wake event in Diablo Immortal, you can enjoy the Recruit a Friend and the Infernal Knowledge Limited-Time events. The Recruit a Friend event takes place from 12 October 2022 to 8 November 2022.

During this time, you can recruit a friend and earn rewards like enchanted dust, rare crests, normal gems, and a Grim Fellowship Portal Cosmetic, among other things.

The Infernal Knowledge Limited Time Event is active from 12 October 2022 until 26 October 2022 and you have to complete daily Infernal Knowledge tasks to be rewarded.

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