Diablo Immortal: Blood Apparition

The Blood Apparition achievement in Diablo Immortal is one of the most confusing achievements to complete, as its location is well hidden.

In this well-renowned mobile game, Diablo Immortal, gamers are invited to experience and explore this Sanctuary like never before. You can discover the unrevealed history that took place between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III.

Since it is part of the classic Diablo series, you are likely to come across similar locations, storylines, and mechanics throughout the series.

When you start playing the game, you can create and customise a character according to your preference. Players are then tasked with completing a tutorial mission, after which they can start exploring the open world.

The game contains several monsters to defeat, quests to complete, and achievements to attain, one of which is Blood Apparition.

What are achievements?

In nearly all role-playing titles, players can unlock certain achievements, also known as trophies, medals, or badges. Achievements are metal-goals defined outside of the game’s parameters.

Unlike the in–game quests or tasks that define the objectives of a video game, the achievements generally take place outside the borders of the game environment.

When players meet the fulfilment conditions, and get credit for fulfilment by the game, it is known as unlocking the achievement. Achievements are added to extend the game’s longevity, but also to provide players with the opportunity to do more than simply completing the game.

Diablo Immortal: Blood Apparition

Similarly to its predecessors, Diablo Immortal has different regions and locations that you can explore. Each region has unique quests, with various monsters to defeat and achievements to unlock.

One of the achievements you can unlock in the Dark Wood is Blood Apparition, which is allegedly one of the most confusing achievements in the game.

That being said, completing the actual quest is not extremely difficult, however, most players are finding it difficult to find the area where they have to complete it in the Dark Woods.

The official in-game description of the achievement states that players have to seal the Crimson Blood to dispel the Blood Apparition.

Unfortunately, the description does not reveal how or where to seal the Crimson Blood, and as a result, players have struggled to unlock the achievement. In order to complete the achievement, players have to visit the Fetid Swamp in the Dark Wood, which is next to the Blood Rose waypoint.

Diablo Immortal: Blood Apparition
© Blizzard Entertainment

If you open the Dark Wood map and find the Fetid Swamp region, you will see a large, strange-looking feature. This is the location where players need to go to complete the Blood Apparition achievement.

When you visit the area, you will see a giant red creature with large tentacles submerged in the swamp. While you are in the area, you will receive the side quest, Vampire Blooms, and although it is not mandatory to complete it, it is advisable that you do.

Vampire Blooms

The optional quest requires that you kill 7 Cultists claiming the Blood Flower. Players can find these cultists next to the Blood Apparition. After killing the enemies, the quest will task you to dispel the Countess’ Bloody Images.

Players will see a magnifying glass button on their screen, which they can click to complete the quest. Keep in mind that you have to complete the quest to unlock the achievement.

Does the Blood Apparition achievement count for the Dark Wood exploration?

Each zone in Diablo Immortal contains numerous aspects and activities that you have to complete and discover. If you fail to complete and discover all the features in the area, it will not count towards the 100 percent exploration aspect.

The Blood Apparition achievement is one of the hidden locations you have to complete in Dark Wood. Additionally, you have to complete the Horadric Bestiary pages, succeed in the Blood Rose Forgotten Tower, and visit an array of key areas.

What to do when the side quest does not appear

Some Diablo Immortal players have reported that the Vampire Blooms quest does not appear when they visit the location. If you do not complete the quest, you will not be able to unlock the achievement.

It may be that you first have to complete another side quest, called Cleansing the Rot, before you can trigger the Vampire Blooms quest.

If completing that quest does not trigger the Vampire Blooms quest, it is recommended that you use the Tree of Inifuss Waypoint in Dark Wood to reach the Blood Apparition.

Diablo Immortal: Blood Apparition
© Blizzard Entertainment

By using this waypoint, many players have triggered the Vampire Blooms quest to spawn. Alternatively, you can fill the corruption meter for Purify the Corruption to 100 percent.

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