Diablo Immortal: Blessed Reign

The Immortals in Diablo Immortal can earn a Blessed Reign by successfully defending the Immortal Crown until Rite of Exile’s seventh week.

In Diablo Immortal, you can explore the ghostly realm of Sanctuary where angels and demons wage an endless war over dominion of the mortal realm.

Players clash with armies of demons, gain unimaginable power and collect epic loot.

Blessed Reign

In September 2023, Blizzard announced that Immortal Clans can strive to earn a Blessed Reign in the Rite of Exile activity.

The Rite of Exile is the culmination of the Cycle of Strife where the Shadows make their move to overthrow the Immortals.

Immortals can earn a Blessed Reign by successfully defending the Immortal Crown until week 7. All Immortal members will receive the Blessed Reign Chest and a cloak when they have earned a Blessed Reign.

Regardless of the Rite of Exile results, the Immortal must defend the crown in the Challenge of the Immortal during the seventh week of a Reign and the Shadows will fight to claim the crown.

This means that the Immortals must fight the Shadows for the crown. According to YouTuber, Misery Hates Company, some players believe that you have to win the fight in week seven as an Immortal to earn the Blessed Reign.

However, players only have to win the battle that takes place in the Challenge of the Immortal to earn a Blessed Reign. Keep in mind, however, that this challenge occurs in the seventh week of a reign.


Players will be rewarded based on how long they have reigned as well as how many Blessed Reigns they have earned. The rewards that you can earn are as follows:

Reward Requirement
Burning Cloak of the Resilient Reign for 4 total weeks
Immortal Veteran Cosmetic and Weapon Reign for 7 total weeks
Burning Cloak of the Enduring Reign for 10 total weeks
Burning Cloak of the Defiant Reign for 14 total weeks
Immortal Legacy Cosmetic and Weapon Reign for 21 total weeks
Burning Cloak of the Unending Reign for 28 total weeks with 4 Blessed Reigns
Burning Cloak of the Eternal Reign for 42 total weeks with 6 Blessed Reigns
Diablo Immortal: Blessed Reign
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Do you have to be an Immortal to earn rewards?

According to Blizzard’s announcement, players can unlock 2 new cosmetics and several new Cloak options as part of the long-term progression as an Immortal.

This essentially means that if you are part of the Shadows, you will not get any of the rewards listed above.

Diablo Immortal players will only unlock rewards as an Immortal when they reach certain cumulative milestones when their reign ends.

How to become an Immortal

In order to join the Immortal, you have to complete the main quest, The Cycle Begins. Furthermore, you need to be level 43 or higher to be able to join a clan.

The easiest way to become an Immortal is to know someone in an Immortal Clan and to convince them to add you to the clan.

Additionally, you can join a Shadow Clan, but you have to rise through the ranks by competing against other clans.

If the Shadows win more than half of the matches, the Rite of Exile will switch to the Challenge of the Immortal.

If the Shadows win, the Dark Clans which were victorious during the Rite of Exile will replace the Immortal Clans that lost.

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