Diablo Immortal: Auxiliary Gems

The new Auxiliary Gem Inlay system in Diablo Immortal allows you to allocate a Rank 1 Gem to a Rank 10 Legendary Gem to benefit from its effects.

Diablo Immortal allows players to enjoy unprecedented flexibility to be who they want to be in the vast MMORPG world of Sanctuary.

You can customize your character’s abilities to suit your unique fighting – and playstyle.

Auxiliary Gems

Blizzard, the game’s developer, regularly releases new content through updates.

On Monday, 6 November 2023, Blizzard announced the new Auxiliary Gem Inlay, which allows gamers to place an additional Auxiliary Legendary Gem into an already equipped Legendary Gem.

Diablo Immortal: Auxiliary Gems
© Blizzard

YouTuber, Echo Gaming Diablo, mentioned that even though this system is essentially in the testing phase, it can be useful for your character.

However, he also said that he believes that this system is not liable as a long-term feature in Diablo Immortal.

The Auxiliary Gem system is not recommended for the player-versus-player game mode.

This is because you will keep your high resonance as the Rank 10 Gem is still slotted, but you will be allocating a Rank 1 Gem with 5-star gem effects inside the Rank 10 resonance.

This means that you will experience empty resonance, even if your damage output is increased. You may be placed in a higher matchmaking bracket, but you will not have any of the power gains from the ranked-up gem.

Best Auxiliary Gems

Although Auxiliary Gems are not recommended for PvP, you can benefit from them as you vanquish demons from Sanctuary.

Keep in mind, though, that some Auxiliary Gems are considered better than others. The best Auxiliary Gems are:

Auxiliary Gem Description
Spiteful Blood When you are below 50 percent health, you are invulnerable to Primary Attacks from other players.
Starfire Shard When you deal damage, there is a 30 percent chance that you will rain meteorites in an area that knocks back enemies.
Blood-Soaked Jade Increases all damage that you deal by up to 8 percent and increases your movement speed by 10 percent.

Which Gems should have an Auxiliary Gem?

Although you can allocate an Auxiliary Gem to any 5-star Legendary Gem, YouTuber, Omni Flash has revealed some Gems which will benefit from an Auxiliary Gem.

The table below lists the Gems that Omni Flash recommends you allocate Auxiliary Gems to:

Gem Description
Concentrated Will Using a Dash skill calls a guardian angel to your aid, unleashing a blast of holy light in your direction to deal damage.
Echoing Shade There is a 15 percent chance that your attacks will summon a shadow clone which attacks nearby enemies with one of your Primary Attacks.
Zwenson’s Haunting When you defeat an enemy, a dark beast attacks nearby enemies to deal damage.
Diablo Immortal: Auxiliary Gems
© Blizzard

Can you upgrade Auxiliary Gems?

Diablo Immortal players should remember that when slotting an Auxiliary Gem to a Legendary Gem, they will always benefit from the Rank 1 effects.

You therefore cannot upgrade an Auxiliary Gem to a higher rank to get additional effects.

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