Diablo Immortal: August Battle Pass

Diablo Immortal Season 2’s Battle Pass will conclude on 4 August 2022, and with that news, Blizzard has yet to announce Season 3’s Battle Pass.

Diablo Immortal is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in which you can join forces with other gamers to collect shattered fragments of the corrupted Worldstone.

This game is part of the classic Diablo series, and it is set in the time between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III. Hence, you are likely to experience similar gameplay, regions, and mechanics throughout the series.

The game’s developer, Blizzard, occasionally introduces new content and activities for players to enjoy. The new features allegedly keep players interested and engaged in the game.

Moreover, it is a method to convince gamers to purchase items and features with real-life money. In addition to the season 2 launch, Blizzard introduced the Battle Pass system, but it is concluding on 4 August 2022.

Character classes

Before you can enjoy the Battle Pass system, you have to create and customise a character. You can select 1 of 6 classes, which are listed in the table below:

Class Combat specialities
Necromancers They focus on summoning undead creatures while dealing magic damage to enemies
Crusaders These melee characters can deal various types of damage to enemies, which makes them the perfect hybrid class
Monk Monks focus on dealing physical damage as a melee character
Demon Hunter Although they are ranged fighters, they deal physical damage to their enemies
Wizard They deal magical damage to enemies from a distance
Barbarian These physical fighters mostly deal damage from a melee position

Diablo Immortal: August Battle Pass

Blizzard introduced a new Battle Pass devoted to the Bloodsworn’s valor on 7 July 2022. The Battle Pass is host to 40 ranks-worth of challenges and rewards, including Legendary Gems, Hilts, and Crests, among others.

For players who are seeking additional treasures, there are 2 paid versions to which they can upgrade their Battle Pass for the full duration of the season.

The Empowered Battle Pass includes all rank rewards from the free standard Battle Pass, but it also unlocks an Empowered track that offers gamers additional rewards at every rank. You will also get Bloodsworn’s weapon and armour cosmetic with this upgrade.

The Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass gives you access to all the rewards and cosmetics from the Empowered Battle Pass. However, you also get the Bloodsworn Avatar Frame, the Bloodsworn Portal cosmetic, and a 10-rank boost.

It is important to note that the season 2 Battle Pass concludes on 4 August 2022 at 3:00 server time. Unfortunately, Blizzard has yet to announce season 3’s Battle Pass, but players expect the release date to either be 5 August 2022 or 6 August 2022.

It is alleged that season 3’s Battle Pass will be particularly similar to season 2’s Battle Pass. This means that players can expect 40 tiers of content to unlock, and there will likely be 2 paid versions that players can purchase with real-life money.

Diablo Immortal: August Battle Pass
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Battle Pass tiers

It is worth noting that season 2’s Battle Pass is divided into 3 tiers, a free progression route, and 2 paid tiers. To advance in any of the Battle Passes, you need to acquire Battle Points. Players can complete quests to be rewarded with Battle Points.

In order to discover which quests offer Battle Points as a reward, you can click on the Codex, and then select the Battle Pass tab. In the new menu, you can view the missions and find out how many points you can earn by completing the quest.

Tier rewards

If you choose to pay for either the Collector’s Empowered Pass or the Empowered Pass, you can expect the following rewards:

Tier Reward
1 Bloodsworn Weapon and Legendary Gem Fervent Fang
5 Seled’s Weakening Legendary Gem
8 6 Aspirant’s Keys
13 5 Scorias
18 3 Normal Gems
27 3 Rare Crests
30 Chat Emoji
40 Bloodsworn Armor and Legendary Gem Fervent Fang

Players who choose the free progression route will earn the following rewards:

Tier Reward
1 150 scrap Materials and 150 Hilts
5 3 Rare Chests and 150 Hilts
10 Mystery Legendary off-hand
13 500 Hilts
18 Rare Chest and 150 Hilts
26 3 Reforge Stones and 150 Hilts
30 Mystery Reforge Stones, 150 Scrap Materials and 150 Hilts
40 Legendary Gem Fervent Fang

Is the Battle Pass worth it?

It is advised that you purchase the Empowered Battle Pass if you plan to and are willing to spend money on Diablo Immortal. Bear in mind that your level of commitment to the game will definitely play a role.

The Battle Pass is a worthwhile investment for dedicated gamers, but it is not necessary for casual players.

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