Diablo Immortal: Attack Speed

There are various Attributes in Diablo Immortal, one of which is Attack Speed, however, it does not apply to damage-over-time skills.

Diablo Immortal is an adventurous mobile game that invites gamers to explore the fictional world of Sanctuary like never before.

Since the game is part of the classic Diablo series, you can experience similar regions, mechanics, and gameplay. Diablo Immortal is set in the time between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III.

Before you can play the game, you should create and customise a character. Players can choose a character’s class, name, facial features, hairstyle and colour and gender, among other features. Although each player’s characters are unique, all of them have several attributes, one of which is Attack Speed.


There are 3 categories of attributes in Diablo Immortal. Primary Attributes influence your character class’ ability to take advantage of their innate strengths. All characters have 5 primary attributes, namely Intelligence, Strength, Fortitude, Vitality, and Willpower.

Strength and Intelligence affect classes differently. For example, Strength does not have a strong influence on the Necromancer class, but it offers the Barbarian class various benefits.

Secondary Attributes mirror most of the effects and benefits of Primary Attributes, but they take the enemy’s statistics and attributes into account.

Diablo Immortal: Attack Speed

In addition to Primary and Secondary Attributes, players can also discover Additional Attributes. This is not only the most interesting category, but it also enables players to create their unique build for Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal: Attack Speed
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These attributes have the most influence when you are building your character to become a specific type of fighter. Prioritising one of the Additional Attributes over others can transform your character into a defensive juggernaut or an offensive creature – the choice is yours.

There are currently 14 Additional Attributes in Diablo Immortal, one of which is attack speed. Although it may seem like a simple aspect to some players, it is crucial to others because Attack Speed increases the speed of Primary and Magic attacks.

In other words, the attacks your character deals will be faster. Keep in mind that you have to allocate points to this Additional Attribute to activate it. It is alleged that Attack Speed is a great attribute to improve and complement Primary and Secondary Attributes.

With more Attack Speed, players can increase their character’s rating in a short period of time. This is because Attack Speed increases your character’s overall damage-per-second.

It is worth noting that Attack Speed affects channelling skills, such as the Barbarian’s skill, Whirlwind. This means that channeling skills will also be performed quicker with Attack Speed active.

As previously mentioned, some classes in Diablo Immortal benefit from a specific additional attribute more than others. Necromancers may find plenty of mileage from Accuracy Rating and Cooldown Reduction, whereas a Monk may prefer to focus on Attack Speed instead.

Additional Attributes

Every Additional Attribute in the game has a unique effect on your character. The table below lists some of the Additional Attributes and their effects:

Additional Attribute Effect
Block Chance ·   Increases the chance to block incoming enemy attacks for 50 percent less damage

·   Critical Strikes are not affected by this attribute

Cheat Death ·   It adds a chance of surviving incoming damage greater than the current health points with 1 health point
Magic Find ·   This Attribute increases the chances of higher-tier loot dropping when defeating enemies
Critical Hit Chance ·   It increases the chance of landing a Critical Hit for double damage on enemies

·   Raising Critical Hit Damage improves Critical Hit Chance

What is the effect of Primary Attributes?

Unlike Additional Attributes, players cannot choose their Primary Attributes, however, some have a greater effect on certain classes than on others. The following table outlines each Primary Attribute and its effects:

Primary Attribute Effect
Willpower ·   It increases Potency and Resistance by 0.1 per point of Willpower

·   It increases the Combat Rating of all classes by 1 point

Vitality ·   Increases Life by 3 per point of Vitality

·   This attribute increases the Combat Rating of all classes by 1

Fortitude ·   Fortitude increases the Combat Rating of all classes by 1

·   It also increases Armor Penetration and Amor by 0.1 per point of Fortitude

Intelligence ·   Increases the Combat Rating and damage of Wizards and Necromancers by 1 Combat Rating and 0.33 damage per point of Intelligence
Strength ·   Increases the Combat Rating and damage of Barbarians, Demon Hunters, Monks, and Crusaders by 1 Combat Rating

·   Adds 0.33 damage per point of Strength

Does Attack Speed increase damage-over-time (DOT) tick rate?

As previously mentioned, Attack Speed increases the speed of your character’s attack, but this does not apply to damage-over-time (DOT) skills. In other words, if your character has a high Attack Speed, and deals a DOT skill, the speed will not be reduced, and it will not be faster.

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