Diablo Immortal: Aspect of Justice

Diablo Immortal recently introduced the Aspect of Justice, which is Season 3’s Battle Pass and it features 3 different paths.

Gamers can discover the undisclosed history that took place between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III in Diablo Immortal. Since this mobile game is part of the classic Diablo series, you will discover similar gameplay, regions, and character classes throughout the series.

Although it is set in the same persistent Diablo world, Sanctuary, you will experience it like never before. Blizzard, the game’s developer, introduces new content and features into the game every now and then.

The new content is intended to motivate players to keep playing the game, but it is also a method to convince gamers to purchase items with real-life money. Blizzard recently introduced Aspect of Justice, which is the new battle pass.

What is a battle pass?

The battle pass is a progression system that is similar to personal character progression, which is unlocked after completing the tutorial. Players can level up in ranks by completing in-game objectives and tasks that reward Battle Points.

You cannot earn more than 2400 Battle Points per week. That being said, all Battle Points earned after you have reached the weekly cap will be carried over to the next week. Completing tasks in the Battle Pass subsection of the Codex will earn you Battle Points.

Once you have enough points, you will advance to the next tier of the battle pass, which will reward you with several items.

Diablo Immortal: Aspect of Justice

Diablo Immortal’s Season 3 invites players to walk in the Archangel Tyrael’s path and to join his pursuit of righteousness, which will shield you from the Burning Hells’ wrath.

Along with the new season, players can experience a new battle pass that is devoted to transcending into an Aspect of Justice.

Diablo Immortal: Aspect of Justice
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The battle pass is host to 40 ranks worth of challenges and rewards, including Crests, Legendary Gems, Hilts, and more. For players who are seeking additional treasures, the game has 2 paid versions to which they can upgrade their battle pass for the full duration of the season.

The Empowered Battle Pass includes all the rank rewards from the free battle pass, but it also unlocks an Empowered path that has additional rewards at every rank. With this paid path, players will receive the gilded Aspect of Justice weapon cosmetic and the radiant Aspect of Armour cosmetic.

The Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass gives players access to all rank rewards and cosmetics from the Empowered Battle Pass. However, you will also get the Aspect of Justice Avatar Frame, Portal cosmetic, and a ten-rank boost.

Season 3’s battle pass will conclude on 1 September, at 2:59 server time. It is recommended that players start slaying demons and climb their way through the ranks as soon as possible to receive all their rewards.

Tier rewards

As previously mentioned, there are 40 tiers in both the free and paid versions of the game. For each tier you reach, you will get numerous rewards. Bear in mind that players who unlocked the paid paths of the battle pass will receive additional rewards.

However, players who decide to stay on the free path can expect to earn the following rewards:

  • Scrap Materials
  • Hilts
  • Chests
  • Reforge Stones

Hungering Moon event

In addition to Season 3, Blizzard also released a limited-time event called the Hungering Moon. For the event, players have to complete specific objectives and quests to receive Moonsilvers, which you can exchange for Blessings.

Once you have 7 Blessings, you will have earned enough goodwill with the moon to get a random reward. Offer enough Blessings to the moon and it will present you with its favour. It is worth noting that this event will commence on 12 August 2022 and will conclude on 15 August 2022.

Wrathborne Invasion

An evil born from the vilest machinations of the Burning Hells is underway. The Wrathborne, with their armies, have surrounded Sanctuary. At noon server time daily, players can work together to repel hordes of bloodthirsty demons.

If the minions of the Burning Hells fail to capture the zone they are attacking, Gorgothra will attempt to complete the job herself. She will send an empowered echo of her likeness to clean up any resistance. Players have to show immense strength against the monster’s attempt to capture the zone.

By participating in this daily event, you can earn various rewards, including gear and enchanted dust.

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