Diablo Immortal: Arrival and Departure

There are numerous quests players can complete in Diablo Immortal, one of which is Arrival and Departure, in the Frozen Tundra.

Players can explore the ghostly realm of Sanctuary like never before in this exciting mobile game, Diablo Immortal. This mobile game is part of the classic Diablo series, which means that you will experience similar content and mechanics in all of its games.

In the game, players can uncover the undisclosed story of the events that took place between Diablo II and Diablo III. Unlike its predecessors, this game version can be enjoyed on mobile platforms.

You begin your adventure in the town of Wortham, which is being threatened by enemies, including cultists and the undead. To complete the game’s main questline, you must find and destroy shards of the Worldstone to prevent a world-threatening disaster.

As you progress in the game, you can explore a variety of additional quests, which offer you great rewards upon completion. One of the quests you can complete is Arrival and Departure, which you can find in the Frozen Tundra

What is the objective of quests?

Quests are like a guide to the game, as they give you specific tasks to complete. Players can allegedly earn a number of rewards when they complete a quest. The rewards include, but are not limited to, experience points, weapons, consumables, gear, and other desirable items.

Similarly to how it works in other role-playing titles, you have to collect experience points so that your character can advance to the next level. Thus, the purpose of quests is to ensure that you make progress in the game while following an interesting storyline.

There are different quests in the game, though some are not mandatory, while others influence your gameplay significantly.

Diablo Immortal: Arrival and Departure

In the quest to find and destroy the Worldstone Shards in Diablo Immortal, players visit the Frozen Tundra, which is home to the Cavern of Echoes, a raid style dungeon that contains various enemies.

It is recommended that your character is at least on level 51 before entering the Frozen Tundra. Moreover, you should not be over level 55 in the area, as the content will be too easy for you to complete.

In addition to finding the shards, players can complete 15 side quests, which will offer them unique rewards upon completion. One of these side quests in the Frozen Tundra is Arrival and Departure.

To begin this quest, players must talk to Tegor, who is Northwest of the Abandoned Village in Frozen Tundra. Players must follow Tegor and defeat the Warped Ones that took over his home.

Diablo Immortal: Arrival and Departure
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Then, you have to kill the demons at the cart and keep following Tegor to the well. After talking to him, you need to inspect the well. Players have to defeat the Warped Lord and the demons that come out of the well before completing the quest.

Players allegedly receive enchanted dust, experience points, gold, and a unique equipment piece if they complete the Arrival and Departure quest.

What happens if the quest does not spawn?

Some players claimed that some quests are more difficult to spawn than others. If you are struggling to find Arrival and Departure, go to the adventure seeker, who is situated in Westmarch.

After interacting with her, you get the option to select side quests from the menu. Players will be navigated to 3 random quests, which shows you their locations and forces them to spawn.

If you do not want to complete these quests, or if the Arrival and Departure quest is not part of this set, you can pay gold to get a new set of 3 quests. The price increases every time you refresh the quests, but you can get a new set for free daily.

Additional side quests

As previously mentioned, there are 15 side quests for you to complete in the Frozen Tundra. Keep in mind that although it is not mandatory to complete these quests, it is advised that you complete them.

This is because side quests offer your character an opportunity to get experience points, which will help them reach the next level.

Additionally to Arrival and Departure, you can complete the following side quests:

  • Frozen Nightmare
  • Embracing Winter
  • Restless Battle
  • In Direst Need
  • Icebreaker
  • Vision of Justice

Which Horadric Bestiary Pages can you obtain in the Frozen Tundra?

Although the Horadric Bestiary Pages may seem like an insignificant feature, they can help you attain the zone’s adventure completion. All areas have adventure completion tasks that require that you unlock 100 percent of the map.

You also have to procure the following Horadric Bestiary Pages to attain adventure completion:

  • Baal’s Minion
  • Glacial Monstrosity
  • Blood Lorn
  • Overseer
  • Glacial Colossus

Diablo Immortal players can decipher these pages by procuring Monstrous Essence and taking it to the Horadric Alter in any location.

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