Diablo Immortal: Armor Penetration

Armor Penetration in Diablo Immortal is an essential attribute because you will have a difficult time defeating your enemies if it is too low.

Gamers can explore the fictional realm of Sanctuary like never before in this exciting mobile game, Diablo Immortal. It is part of the well-renowned video game series, Diablo, and as such, you are likely to experience similar gameplay, mechanics, and content in the games.

In Diablo Immortal, you can discover the untold story that took place between Diablo II and Diablo III. Before you can explore the vast open world, you have to create and customise a character.

Players can select their character’s name, gender, race, and hairstyle among other features. Each character has unique attributes, one of which is Armor Penetration.


In every Diablo game, players will find an array of attributes. Players have to upgrade their character’s attributes for character progression. Although there are multiple statistics, 3 types make up the attribute system in Diablo Immortal.

Primary attributes have 5 subcategories, namely strength, intelligence, fortitude, vitality, and willpower. Secondary attributes are focused on player power, as it features offensive and defensive statistics.

Lastly, additional attributes are not only the most interesting category, but these statistics allow players to establish their character’s unique build. There are statistics in these characters, but they can only be increased with items.

Diablo Immortal: Armor Penetration

One of the secondary attributes in Diablo Immortal is Armor Penetration. If your Armor Penetration is higher than expected for your character level, you deal increased critical hit damage and additional damage when an enemy blocks.

However, if your Armor Penetration is lower than expected for your character level, you may deal less damage when an enemy blocks your attacks.

Diablo Immortal: Armor Penetration
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In other words, Armor Penetration ignores a percentage of enemy armour and increases your character’s critical hit damage.

The details of this attribute are in your character’s profile. When you hover over the Armor Penetration statistic, a pop-up window will indicate whether your aArmor Penetration is lower than expected for your level or not.

If your Armor Penetration is too low, you can equip a piece of gear, provided that it is at least of rare quality or higher. Players should ensure that the gear piece that they equip has an effect on their Armor Penetration.

This is because any piece of equipment has a bonus to 2 attributes, which are randomly generated. In addition to gear, your resonance score modifies the base attribute bonuses that your equipped gear grants you.

A higher resonance score results in a higher percentage to your attribute scores, so resonance affects your fortitude attribute, which increases Armor Penetration. Resonance is gained by equipping legendary gems.

Alternatively, you can equip sapphires to increase your Armor Penetration attribute. To acquire a sapphire, you have to unlock the Legacy of the Horadrim by getting any of the Vessels of the Horadrim and completing the questline.

Why should you increase your Armor Penetration?

If your Armor Penetration is lower than expected for your level in your currency activity and difficult, you should increase it as soon as possible.

This is because if you do not have enough Armor Penetration, your character will not benefit from critical hit damage. Your character will thus not deal a lot of damage to enemies, which can make progressing in the game difficult.

It is advisable that you check your Armor Penetration regularly to ensure that you always have more Armor Penetration than required. The Armor Penetration required increases as you advance in Diablo Immortal.

Legacy of the Horadrim

As mentioned, you must unlock the Legacy of Horadrim to acquire sapphires, however, this system can also be used to increase your Armor Penetration.

By installing Vessels into the Legacy of the Horadrim, you benefit from passive bonuses and various statistical increases. You should install the Caldesann’s Compassion Vessel, as it increases your character’s Armor Penetration.

Caldesann’s Compassion is likely the first Vessel you will receive when you complete level 10 of the Challenge Rift.

It is worth noting that you have to install the Vessel to the Legacy of the Horadrim to benefit from an increased Armor Penetration.

Additional attributes

Although there are several attributes in Diablo Immortal, you should first focus on your primary attributes. Keep in mind that some attributes are linked to a specific class:

Attribute Description
Strength The Barbarians, Monk, Crusader, and Demon Hunter can benefit from increased physical damage
Intelligence It increases magical damage, which is perfect for the Wizard and Necromancer classes
Fortitude This attribute increases your armor and Armor Penetration, thus, you should upgrade it as soon as possible to benefit from increased Armor Penetration
Vitality The higher this attribute is, the more health points your character has
Willpower It increases potency and resistance

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