Diablo Immortal: Are cosmetics account wide?

There are numerous cosmetic sets that you can unlock in Diablo Immortal, however, the sets are not account wide.

In Diablo Immortal, you can discover the untold story of what took place between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III. The game is part of the classic Diablo series, which means that you will probably encounter similar gameplay, mechanics, and content throughout the franchise.

Unlike its predecessors, Diablo Immortal can be played on mobile devices.

Before you begin your adventure, you must create and customise a character. You can choose your character’s hairstyle, hair colour, facial expressions, name, gender, and class.

You will notice that your character’s clothing at the beginning of the game is basic, however, you will obtain other gear as you advance in the game.

You can customise your character further by equipping cosmetics. Many players have wondered if cosmetics are account wide.


In Diablo Immortal, cosmetics are how you customise your look without affecting your gear, statistics, or functionality. The game has an array of unique and beautiful cosmetic sets. Players can acquire both a male and female version of each set for each class.

You should keep in mind that Immortal cosmetic sets are exclusive to Immortal members. This means that you can only wear them if you are an Immortal. If you are overturned, you have to fight your way back to the top if you want to wear the set again.

Diablo Immortal: Are cosmetics account wide?

There are currently 10 cosmetic sets that you can acquire in Diablo Immortal. However, gamers should note that cosmetics are not account wide.

In other words, if you collected a set for one character, you cannot equip the set on another character. You thus have to collect cosmetic sets for each character on your account. This principle has caused various controversies, as players believe that cosmetic sets should be account wide.

Diablo Immortal: Are cosmetics account wide?
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The table below outlines all the cosmetic sets that you can acquire in Diablo Immortal:

Set name How to acquire
Inner light Players could acquire the cosmetics from the season 4 empowered battle pass
Battleground Brawl You can purchase the cosmetic from the in-game shop using Eternal Orbs
Bloodsworn This cosmetic was awarded to players who purchased the season 2 empowered battle pass
Crystalline Echoes Players can purchase it from the in-game using Eternal Orbs
Diablo II This cosmetic is purchasable from the in-game shop using Eternal Orbs
Exalted Immortal You can only acquire this cosmetic if you are part of the Immortals, and the item expires once your reign ends
Ghosts of Ashwold You could obtain this cosmetic from the season 1 empowered battle pass
Heirs to Westmarch Players can purchase this item from the in-game shop
Horadric Legacy You were able to obtain this cosmetic as a reward for 30 million pre-registrations. However, it had to have been claimed within the first 30 days of the game’s launch
Winged Darkness This cosmetic is purchasable from the in-game shop

Cosmetic set prices

For the in-game shop cosmetic sets, there are 3 price brackets. The standard option, which features just the cosmetic set, costs 1000 Eternal Orbs.

The cosmetic option that includes the portal is 1500 Eternal Orbs, and the Cosmetic set with the portrait frame is 1650 Eternal Orbs.

Since Eternal Orbs are a premium currency, you can only purchase it with real-life money. The price for Eternal Orbs is as follows:

Quantity Price
60 $1.19
300 ( + 20 bonus orbs) $5.99
600 ( + 50 bonus orbs) $11.99
1500 (+150 bonus orbs) $29.99
3000 (+450 bonus orbs) $59.99
6000 (+ 1200 bonus orbs) $119.99

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is a progression system that is parallel to character progression which is unlocked after you complete the Wortham tutorial zone at level 10. Players can level up in ranks by completing in-game activities that reward battle points.

You can either follow the free track battle pass or purchase the empowered battle pass. By purchasing the empowered pass with real money, you will get several rewards, including cosmetics.

It is noteworthy that if you missed previous empowered battle passes, you cannot obtain the cosmetics that came with it.

How to access your cosmetics

Players can access the Cosmetic User Interface by clicking on the Cosmetics button on your character inventory panel. In the new menu, you will find a full body portrait of your character, with options to check your armour, weapons, and portals.

On the right-hand side, you can preview cosmetic sets and discover how to unlock them.

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