Diablo Immortal: Ancestral Weapons

Ancestral Weapons are unique weapons in Diablo Immortal that were thought to be lost to time, but you can now use these weapons to gain additional Attributes.

Players can explore the mysterious realm of Sanctuary like never before in this thrilling game, Diablo Immortal.

This game is part of the classic video game series, Diablo, and as such, you are likely to encounter similar gameplay through the franchise. Unlike its predecessors, Diablo Immortal can be played and enjoyed on mobile phones.

Your adventure begins in the small town of Wortham, which is being jeopardised by cultists and the undead. While completing the main story, you can harvest resources, farm gear, complete Elder Rifts, and fight monsters.

The game’s developer, Blizzard, recently introduced Ancestral Weapons into the game, but you can only use it if you are part of a Warband.

What is a Warband?

A Warband is a group of 8 players who have joined forces to complete group activities and to benefit from shared resources as well as dedicated communication systems.

These mini clans provide your character with numerous buffs, though you first have to join or create a Warband to get its benefits. When you are part of a Warband, you will get a 10 percent increase in drop chances from monsters in a party with other members of the Warband.

Similarly to a clan, every Warband has a leader, who is the person that created the group. Other players can then apply to join the Warband to access the Warband chat and the Warband Camp and Stash.

Diablo Immortal: Ancestral Weapons

Diablo Immortal recently announced that Warband Camps will be replaced by Castle Cyrangar. To unlock your Warband’s castle, you must complete a quest and defeat the monsters that inhabited the castle.

Castle Cyrangar contains 3 main areas, namely Purging the Depths, Warband Rooms, and Defense of Cyrangar. However, at the heart of the castle, players will find the Ancestral Tableau, which can procure up to 8 Ancestral Weapons.

Diablo Immortal: Invocation
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Ancestral Weapons, which are ancient armaments that were thought to be lost to time, have resurfaced with the rediscovery of Castle Cyrangar. Regrettably, these weapons have fallen into enemy hands, and it is your responsibility to get them back.

Players can now find Ancestral Weapons anywhere in Sanctuary, however, these weapons have the highest chance of dropping in the Defense of Cyrangar and Purge the Depths game modes.

Once you have an Ancestral Weapon, you can harvest its powers by placing it into your Warband’s Ancestral Table. When the weapon is slotted, it will offer all the members of your Warband a portion of its attributes, including vitality, intelligence, and strength.

It is worth noting that each Warband member can only allocate 1 Ancestral Weapon in the Tableau. It is thus recommended that you work with your Warband members to find the best Ancestral Weapons.

The action of slotting weapons into the Tableau and receiving some of its attributes to all members of your Warband does not require anyone else but yourself to be online.

Purge the Depths

When you arrive at the Castle, your Warband will notice that there are unwanted occupants residing in the castle’s bowels. Players have to purge them from the Warband’s new home.

Diablo Immortal: Ancestral Weapons
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While you defeat enemies, you may come across restless spirits that are bound to the Castle. You can free them by defeating them to destroy the connection with their tormented vessel and then cleansing their Remnants. Each Remnant offers your character unique bonuses.

After defeating the monsters, your Warband will get access to different rooms, which can be occupied by members of the Warband. These rooms can be upgraded by placing Remnants received from Purging the Depths.

Diablo Immortal: Ancestral Tableau
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Defense of Cyrangar

The armies of the Burning Hells have received word that your Warband has occupied Castle Cyrangar, but these enemies want the castle for themselves, so it is up to your Warband to defend your stronghold.

The gaming mode has 2 modes; Standard mode, which can be played once a week and requires players to defeat 8 waves of blood-thirsty enemies. After completing the waves, your Warband will earn numerous rewards.

Endless mode can be enjoyed at any time. In this mode, you will get a score based on how many waves your Warband can survive.

Diablo Immortal: Ancestral Tableau
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As mentioned above, players will get Attribute bonuses when slotting Ancestral Weapons into the Ancestral Tableau. In addition to these Attributes, you can also benefit from special powers by equipping weapons with an Invocation property.

All gear that drops can possess the Invocation property. You can equip this gear onto your character in its respective item slot to get the benefit while triggering the ability of your Ancestral Weapon.

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