Diablo Immortal: Ancestral Property

Every Ancestral Weapon in Diablo Immortal has an Ancestral Property which can be activated through Invocations.

In this adventurous mobile game, Diablo Immortal, players can discover the untold history between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III. Gamers begin their adventure in the small town of Wortham, which is under threat by cultists and the undead.

Aside from completing the main story arc, you can join a Warband, attempt to complete an Elder Rift, collect resources, and farm gear. Although there are many activities to enjoy, it is advisable that you focus on the main story.

Blizzard, the game’s developer, recently introduced the Ancestral Weapons into the game, which contains Ancestral Properties.

What are Ancestral Weapons?

Ancestral Weapons, which are ancient armaments that were thought to have been lost to time, have resurfaced with the rediscovery of Castle Cyrangar.

Unfortunately, these powerful weapons have fallen into demonic hands, and it is up to you to retrieve them. You have a chance to acquire an Ancestral Weapon anywhere in Sanctuary, but these weapons have the highest chance of dropping in the Purge the Depths and Defense of Cyrangar game modes.

Once you have an Ancestral Weapon, you can allocate it to the Ancestral Tableau to get a portion of the weapon’s Attributes. It is worth keeping in mind that you can only allocate 1 Ancestral Weapon at a time.

Diablo Immortal: Ancestral Property

Every Ancestral Weapon in Diablo Immortal possesses a unique Ancestral Property, which is a buff that you can unlock by slotting the weapon in the Ancestral Tableau. Warband members can choose between multiple Ancestral Property buffs.

In order to select your own Ancestral Property, you must have an Ancestral Weapon slotted in the Ancestral Tableau.

Players can change their Ancestral Property by selecting the small symbol next to their buff and then clicking on another weapon that is slotted in the Tableau.

It is worth noting that Ancestral Property can only be triggered by Invocations, which is an additional statistic that can be found on items. Gear and weapon pieces with the Invocation trait can be procured from anywhere in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal: Ancestral Tableau
© Blizzard Entertainment

The Invocation trait is randomised, which means that players cannot select which Invocation trait they want when looting a weapon.

You can have numerous Invocations equipped simultaneously, and you can find them all in your Ancestral Menu, which is next to your Resonance. Your equipped Invocation will determine the method and how often you will be able to activate your Ancestral Property.

If multiple items have the same Invocation, the chances of triggering the Ancestral Property are increased, and the cooldown time is decreased.

Regrettably, players are not able to transfer their Invocations. This essentially means that you need to replace all of your Legendary Gear with gear that has the Invocation trait if you wish to be as strong as possible.

Ancestral Tableau

It is noteworthy that you can only unlock the Ancestral Tableau if your character is level 20, and if you are part of a Warband.

The Ancestral Tableau can be found next to your Resonance. If you are part of a Warband, you can Enshrine, or slot an Ancestral Weapon to the Tableau. Keep in mind that each member of the Warband can only slot 1 Ancestral Weapon to the Tableau at a time.

Diablo Immortal: Ancestral Property
© Blizzard Entertainment

The 4 Ancestral Weapons with the highest bonus Attributes determine the Maximum Bonus. In order to increase your Current Bonus, and to increase your Combat Rating as a result, you need to collect Warband Activity Points.

Players can participate in Warband activities to be rewarded with Warband Activity Points.

Diablo Immortal: Ancestral Property
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Purge the Depths and Defense of Cyrangar

Purge the Depths and Defense of Cyrangar are Warband exclusive features and they can thus only be enjoyed if you are part of a Warband.

Diablo Immortal: Ancestral Property
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Purge Depths requires Diablo Immortal players to defeat various monsters in Castle Cyrangar to acquire Remnants. Every Remnant provides unique bonuses that are applied to your character.

While Defense of Cyrangar consists of 2 modes, the first mode requires that you complete 8 waves of enemies, and the second will test how many waves of enemies your Warband can defeat.

By participating in these game modes, you get a chance to obtain an Ancestral Weapon. Moreover, you also receive Warband Activity points to upgrade your Ancestral Tableau.

Diablo Immortal: Ancestral Property
© Blizzard Entertainment

Can Ancestral Weapons be purchased?

If you do not want to invest hours farming for Ancestral Weapons with Ancestral Properties, you may be able to purchase them.

Diablo Immortal players have to visit the Rarities and Antiquities non-player character (NCP) and purchase a Mysterious Weapon as there is a possibility that they may receive an Ancestral Weapon.

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