Diablo Immortal: Almost Dinner

One of the quests you can complete in Diablo Immortal is Almost Dinner, which players can find in Ashwold Cemetery.

You are invited to explore the nightmarish realm of Sanctuary like never before in this thrilling game, Diablo Immortal. As is implied by the game’s name, it is part of the classic Diablo franchise, but unlike its predecessors, this version can be played on mobile platforms.

Diablo Immortal allows players to uncover the untold story of the history between Diablo II and Diablo III. Players begin their adventure in the small town of Wortham, which is being jeopardised by cultists and the undead.

Within addition to the main questline, players can complete different types of quests to earn amazing rewards. One of the quests you can complete is Almost Dinner, which players can find in Ashwold Cemetery.


There are a variety of quests gamers can complete in the game to get amazing rewards. You should keep in mind that not all quests are mandatory, as they do not all influence the main campaign of the game.

The table below highlights the types of quests you can complete in Diablo Immortal:

Quest type Description
Contracts Contracts are unique quests available to the Shadows faction. They introduce and inflame the conflict between the Immortals and the spies that love to mess with them.
Side quests Side quests give players a small task to complete to receive a reward. There are various unique side quests in each zone of the game, and they always have a random chest reward.
Elite quests These multi-step quest chains are not necessarily connected to the main questline, and they can be time-consuming. Elite quests usually include unique rewards, big boss fights, and many conversations.
Main quests These quests are the interconnected story that leads players between each zone

Diablo Immortal: Almost Dinner

One of the zones players visit in Diablo Immortal is Ashwold Cemetery, though it is recommended that you are at least level 8 before entering this zone. Similarly to other zones, you can find a zone dungeon, defeat an array of monsters, and discover various locations.

Diablo Immortal: Almost Dinner
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Ashwold Cemetery also has adventure completion tasks that require unlocking 100 percent of the map. In addition to this, it has Horadric Bestiary pages to collect and side quests to complete.

There are a total of 14 side quests players can complete in Ashwold Cemetery, and one of them is Almost Dinner. If you are in the vicinity of the quest, the side quest icon will appear on your mini map, and you can accept the quest.

To complete it, you have to go to Lord’s Rest before travelling to the southeast, where you will find spiders in the graveyard.

In the graveyard, you need to interact with the Squirming Web Sac, which causes spiders to spawn. You must kill all the spiders before talking to Qudan to get your reward.

Allegedly, players can earn experience points, gold, enchanted dust, and an equipment piece for completing the Almost Dinner side quest.

What to do if Almost Dinner does not spawn

Many players have claimed that some quests are more difficult to spawn than others. If you are struggling to find Almost Dinner, you can try the adventure seeker in Westmarch.

Players can interact with her to select side quests; after which they will be navigated to 3 random quests. This shows you the location of each quest and forces them to spawn.

If you do not like the 3 given quests, you can pay gold to get a new set of 3 quests. The quantity of gold for this increases every time you refresh the quests, but you will get a new set once a day.

Ashwold Cemetery Adventure Completion

As previously mentioned, there are specific things players have to do to receive the zone’s adventure completion. The table below highlights the tasks you must complete to complete Ashwold Cemetery:

Task Description
Battle of the Shard Complete the main questline in Ashwold Cemetery
Horadic Bestiary Complete 3 Horadic Bestiary pages daily for a 5/104 chance at revealing one of the pages
Vile Sarcophagus Players must complete 15 of the Vile Sarcophagus events in Hidden Lairs
Dusk Bringer You have to defeat Duskbringer, who only spawns after you complete the Dark Priest event
The Guards’ Story There are 5 lost guards at several locations on the map, players have to talk to each guard
Map Completion Players have to walk everywhere on the map to reveal it

Additional side quests in Ashwold Cemetery

There are 14 side quests you can complete in Ashwold Cemetery to earn unique rewards. Players should note that these quests do not influence their main questline at all, and they are not mandatory to complete either.

You can find the following side quests in Ashwold Cemetery:

  • Another Sword
  • Suspicious Behavior
  • Sending the Signal
  • A Lost Treasure
  • Noise from the Well
  • Trouble at the Bridge

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