Diablo Immortal: AFK farming

Players are using the back of a tablespoon to farm experience and other items in Diablo Immortal while being away from their keyboard (AFK).

Diablo Immortal is an exciting mobile game that invites gamers to uncover the untold story of what took place between Diablo II and Diablo III. This mobile version is quite similar to its predecessors, as players will step into the well-renowned fictional world, Sanctuary.

There are numerous activities and occasional events players can enjoy in the game. Participating in these features will reward your character with experience points, which they need to reach the next level.

Some players claim that their character levels up too slowly and thus, they have started farming items, gear, and experience away-from-keyboard (AFK).

Character classes

Players have to create and customise a character before they can get experience points. You can choose one of the following classes when you create a character:

Class Description
Barbarian Barbarians are savage wonders, who survived the Mount Arreat disaster. They use brutal attacks to crush any opposition.
Crusader Armed with their faith, Crusaders vanquish evil wherever they go.
Demon Hunter Demon Hunters are vengeful stalkers, and they assault from afar.
Monk Monks have lightning-fast strikes that pummel enemies with a dizzying array of blows.
Necromancers A Necromancer manipulates life and death. These priests of Rathma use their power to preserve balance in the Sanctuary.
Wizard Wizards manipulate arcane forces to attack from a distance, disintegrating their foes to oblivion.

Diablo Immortal: AFK farming

Some players feel that their characters are gaining levels too slowly, as mentioned above, and have thus decided to farm experience while they are away from their phone.

It is important to note that Diablo Immortal does not have an AFK farming mode, which means that players have used their initiative to farm experience without actively playing the game.

AFK farming, otherwise known as spooning, is a simple yet effective technique. All players have to do is extend their mobile device and place the back of a spoon on the attack button. This will make your character hit the indicated location repetitively.

That being said, you have to place your character in front of a spawn of mobs in the alcove of the Library, then place the back of a spoon on your mobile device. This allows your character to hit enemies when they spawn, while you are AFK.

It can be said that the simple teaspoon turns into an artisanal auto-clicker. Although spooning seems very tempting, players should note that it is not the way Diablo Immortal is supposed to be played.

There are several mobile gacha games that provide an AFK farming mode, but Diablo Immortal does not have one.

Although it is yet to be announced, there are rumours that the game’s developer, Blizzard, will release a patch that prevents players from using the spooning technique. However, it is also alleged that players will be banned if they use the farming method.

How to level up fast

There are multiple methods players can use to gain experience and level up quicker in Diablo Immortal, besides using the spooning technique. The following table lists some of these methods, which are:

Method Description
Battle Pass The battle pass contains40 tiers to level up in total, and each one grants a significant amount of experience and items per level. Keep in mind that players have to purchase the Battle Pass with real-life money.
Bounties and Contracts Players have to find 10 pieces of monster essence to fill a bestiary page. It is recommended that you complete Bounties to complete bestiary pages.

Whereas contracts only unlock at level 40, however they reward you with a lot of experience upon completion.

Raids You will get many experience points by completing raids in each zone of Diablo Immortal, but it is advised that you complete them in a party.

Farming experience points

Certain locations in the overworld spawn various monsters, which make them prime areas to farm experience points. It is worth noting that enemies respawn infinitely, but they tend to do so at a higher rate in the following locations:

  • Zakarum Graveyard
  • Moon Clan Encampment
  • Citadel of Damned Waypoint
  • Hidden Alcove
  • The Oasis Waypoint
  • Crimsonblade Haven

It is advisable that you do not use the spooning method in these zones, instead, it is recommended that you actively participate in the fights against these monsters.

It is allegedly quite easy to see if another player is using the spooning technique, and as such, other players can report this, which could lead to a permanent ban from the game.

Do you have to pay real-life money to increase your character’s level?

Many players have claimed that getting their character to level 40 is fairly simple, but once they hit level 50, it was a real feat to level up. Diablo Immortal wants you to spend real-life money in the game to obtain better loot and to get more experience points.

Without the monetary support, you have to do the same rifts, raids, and Bestiary pages to increase your character’s level. Unfortunately, the best way to level up is to spend money to get an advantage.

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