Diablo Immortal: 1 Year Anniversary

Diablo Immortal’s 1 year anniversary is around the corner and players have created their own theories about how the developers will celebrate it.

Gamers are invited to explore the fictional realm of Sanctuary in this thriving mobile game, Diablo Immortal.

As the game’s name implies, it is part of the classic Diablo series, so you can encounter similar aspects throughout the franchise.

Diablo Immortal players are excited to see what the future holds as the game is celebrating its 1 year anniversary.

Diablo Immortal: 1 Year Anniversary

Diablo Immortal was released on 2 June 2022, and it allows you to uncover the hidden history of what took place between Diablo II and Diablo III.

It is nearly a year after the game was released, meaning that the game will soon celebrate its 1 year anniversary.

Although it is yet to be confirmed, we expect the game’s developers, Blizzard, to host an event to celebrate its anniversary.

The details about the event are still unclear, however, players have created their own theories about what they can expect from the event, including a possible game update.

On a Reddit thread, one player theorized that there will be a patch which introduces a new character class and a seventh slot for another legendary gem.

The same player also said that he wishes that Blizzard would provide all players with a Dawning Echo as a prize and that everyone, including free-to-play players, could try an end-game activity, such as Awakening.

When will the event be announced?

Unfortunately, no one knows when Diablo Immortal’s 1 year anniversary event will be announced. We recommend that you keep an eye on the official website, where all announcements are posted.

That being said, we assume that the event will be announced in the near future, as the game’s 1st anniversary is around the corner.


A typical Diablo Immortal event requires players to complete an activity or task to earn rewards and we assume that the 1st anniversary event will be no different.

Regrettably, it is undetermined which tasks or quests you have to complete to earn rewards.

That being said, Diablo Immortal is yet to announce the event’s rewards. However, they will likely be limited-time rewards that cannot be acquired elsewhere in the game. Therefore, we recommend that you participate in the event.

Who will be able to participate in the event?

Since it is the 1st anniversary event of Diablo Immortal, it is assumed that players of all levels will be able to participate in the event.

However, we believe that you have to complete the tutorial missions or be at a specific level, which is generally quite low, to enjoy the event.

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