Diablo 4: Yellow Star on Map

The yellow star-sided icon on the world map in Diablo 4 indicates that there is a legendary item that you did not pick up after conquering the enemy.

Season 2 of Diablo 4 was recently released, and it introduced many new features for players to enjoy.

Unlike the first season, the second season revolves around Vampires which are sending their newly-turned followers across the Sanctuary to gather the blood of innocents.

Yellow Star on Map

Although the second season of the game introduced new content for you to enjoy, it did not make any adjustments to the game’s map.

This means that all the map’s icons remain the same even though the game’s developer, Blizzard, implemented a new season to the game.

There are numerous icons on your mini-map, however, you should note that each icon represents a unique feature in the game.

For example, a wooden-chest icon represents a stash which allows you to store your weapons and other equipment pieces. A light blue diamond icon indicates that you can find an apprentice jeweler at that location.

Most Diablo 4 players are aware of what every icon represents on the world map, but several players have discovered a new icon on their mini-map.

This yellow star-shaped icon has left numerous players confused, as they are do not know what it represents.

Diablo 4: Yellow Star on Map
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Some players revealed that when they traveled to the yellow star-shaped icon, nothing was there. This is because the yellow star-shaped icon represents a Legendary gear piece on the ground.

There is a chance that you did not pick it up after vanquishing the enemy, but fortunately, you can use the yellow star-shaped icon to locate it.

Additional Icons

There are more than 30 unique icons that you can encounter as you progress in Diablo 4. Players should note that every icon represents a different object, vendor or enemy on the world map.

Some of the icons that you can find are shown below:

Icon Description
You can spend scrap materials to purchase Enchanted Dust and Enigmatic crystals at this Smithing Materials Vendor
The Charm Craftsman allows players to upgrade and salvage charms
This icon represents animal-type monsters on the world map
Players can turn in 10 Monstrous Essence to unlock a new page in their Bestiary
You can use the waypoint to teleport to areas that you have already unlocked

How to pick up the Legendary Item

When you see a yellow, star-shaped icon on your mini-map, we recommend that you travel to it, but you may not find anything at its location.

This is because it will automatically be sent to your stash if you did not pick it up. This stash can only hold up to 10 items before you have to remove the items from the stash.

That being said, if your stash is full, the item may not be automatically sent to your stash. You may therefore have to search the ground near the icon to find the legendary item that you did not pick up.

Legendary items

When you receive a Legendary Item during normal gameplay, you can equip it to use the Aspect, but you can also travel to the Occultist to extract the Aspect from the Legendary Item. Keep in mind, though, that this process destroys the Legendary Item.

Once you have an Extract Aspect, you can imprint it onto any Rare item or Legendary Item. If you imprint a Rare Item, it becomes a Legendary Item.

However, if you imprint a Legendary Item, it will overwrite the existing Aspect and gain a new effect.

Class specific Legendary Items

Diablo 4 players should remember that the Legendary Items they receive from defeating a boss are determined by their classes at the time.

This means that as a Barbarian, you will not be able to earn a Crusader’s Legendary items.

The following table lists some of the Legendary Items that you can procure based on class:

Class Legendary Items
  • Dishonored Blade: Demoralize duration increased is by 30 percent
  • Broken Grasp: Sprint also increases your dodge chance by 20 percent
  • Closing Jaws: Sweep Attack now pulls all enemies that it strikes to you
  • Cavalier’s Courtwear: Draw and Counter now damages enemies when you run over it and knocks them away, but it no longer drags enemies
Demon Hunter
  • Embermist: Smoke Screen cooldown is decreased
  • Frozen Guardian’s Sight: Sentry becomes empowered with frost, damaging and chilling enemies
  • Power of Undulation: Wave Strike now continually channels energy waves forward
  • Grace’s Bounty: Flying Kick becomes Spinning Kick, which damages all nearby enemies
  • Clotburst: Corpse Explosion damage is increased by 10 percent
  • Ever-Grasping Vestments: Bone Wall now summons a line of Skeletal soldiers which charge forward information to damage and knock back enemies

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