Diablo 4: Where to use Living Steel

Diablo 4 players can use their Living Steel in the Chamber of Penitence, which can be found in Dry Steppes, to summon Grigoire.

Diablo 4’s latest season introduces hordes of vampires who have descended upon Sanctuary. You have to prevent them from sending their legions of newly-turned followers out across the land to gather the blood of innocents.

Where to use Living Steel

Season of Blood not only introduced a new storyline to complete, but it also introduced new enemies, new resources along with several new Legendary items that you can boost your character with.

One of the new items players can acquire is Living Steel, but some players do not know how and where to use it.

To acquire Living Steel, you have to open Tortured Gift of Living Steel chests, which spawn in Helltides. Once you have Living Steel, you can use it to summon a new endgame boss, Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint.

Keep in mind that you need  2 Living Steel to summon Grigoire in World Tier 3, however, if you want to summon the boss in World Tier 4, you need 5 Living Steel.

When you have acquired enough Living Steel for the World Tier you are playing on, you have to travel to the Hall of the Penitent, which is in Dry Steppes.

Players have to head through the Hall to find a Light-Touched Altar in the Chamber of Penitence.

Players can use their Living Steel in this Chamber to summon the boss, but you have to interact with the altar and deposit your Living Steel to complete the summoning ritual.

Diablo 4: Where to use Living Steel
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Living Steel chest locations

The Tortured Gift of Living Steel chests can spawn multiple times within different sub-regions in a single Helltide event.

Although there are only a few locations, you can find several chests in each area. For example, there are 5 Living Steel Chests that you can find in Scosglen, North Shore.

Some of the locations in which you can find Living Steel chests are as follows:

Region Description
Fractured Peaks
  • Frigid Expanse
  • Sarkova Pass
  • Deep Forest
  • North Shore
Dry Steppes
  • Khargai Crags
  • Untamed Scraps
  • Dismal Foothills
  • Fethis Wetlands
  • Amber Sands
  • Ragged Coastline
  • Southern Expanse

Aberrant Cinders

In order to open a Living Steel chest, you need 300 Aberrant Cinders, which can be farmed during a Helltide event.

Players must farm this resource quickly and efficiently if they want to get enough Aberrant Cinders before the Helltide event ends.

Once you have enough Aberrant Ciders, you have to defeat the Elite enemy whose sole purpose is to guard the chest.

Players have to interact with the locked chest to start the mini boss fight and only when the boss is defeated will you be able to open the chest by using your Aberrant Cinders.

Do Living Steel Chests reset?

Players should remember that only 2-3 of the possible Living Steel Chests will appear during a Helltide period.

But when the hour changes, the currently available Living Steel chests will despawn, whether they have been opened or not.

Once the chests despawn, new Living Steel chests will spawn in other locations. This essentially means that if you have already opened all available Living Steel chests during a Helltide, you can look for more when the hour resets.

Unfortunately, no one knows where the new chests will spawn, which forces players to run around the area to find the newly-spawned Living Steel chests.

How to vanquish Grigoire

Players have to use their Living Steel in the Chamber of Penitence to summon Grigoire the Galvanic Saint. Defeating this boss is no easy task, but if you use the correct strategy, players can vanquish Grigoire quite easily.

Since Grigoire uses Lightning elemental tasks, we recommend that you stock up on Elixirs and socket Topaz to your gear to build up your resistance before the fight.

Diablo 4 players can allegedly keep their distance from the boss and attack him from a distance to vanquish him.

Grigoire’s most common attack move is swinging his melee weapon at your character, but this attack can be avoided if you are standing at a distance. To increase your survivability, you can stand behind him when he performs this attack.

You should also avoid the red circles on the ground, as they indicate where chains of lighting will appear. By following this strategy, players can easily defeat Grigoire and claim rich rewards.

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