Diablo 4: Where to get Tibault’s Will

All classes in Diablo 4 can benefit from the ancestral unique pants, Tibault’s Will, but we recommend that Barbarians procure it as soon as possible

Diablo 4 consists of ceaseless demons to slaughter, countless abilities to master, nightmarish dungeons to explore and Legendary loot to acquire.

Players have to create and customize a character before progressing through a unique storyline to complete quests.

Where to get Tibault’s Will

The latest season, Season of Blood, introduced tons of new items along with new enemies, mechanics and world events.

One of the new items that the season introduced is Thibault’s Will, which is a pair of unique pants that gives your character a 20 to 40 percent damage increase whenever you become Unstoppable, and then for 4 seconds afterward.

Diablo 4: Where to get Tibault’s Will
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Tibault’s Will also rewards players with 50 of their Primary Resource. Since Tibault’s Will was introduced into Diablo 4, players have been trying to figure out how to acquire it.

Fortunately, there are 2 specific activities that you can complete for a chance to obtain Tibault’s Will.

The easiest way to get this item is by completing World Events, including Nightmare Dungeons, World Bosses, Legions and Helltide Events. Tibault’s Will can randomly drop from any enemy or you can get it from a chest.

Keep in mind that you have to complete the World Events on World Tier 3 or World Tier 4 to acquire the item. Alternatively, you can vanquish the endgame boss, King of Maggots, which is also referred to as Duriel.

This method is more complicated than completing World Events, as you have to acquire summoning resources.

You also have to defeat the boss for a chance to receive the item. The fight against Duriel can be quite difficult, which is why several players prefer to complete World Events.

World Events

The simplest way to procure Tibault’s Will is by completing World Events. The following table describes each World Event in detail:

World Event Description
Nightmare Dungeons These dungeons enable faster character leveling and glyph leveling. However, to gain access to these dungeons, you must get a Nightmare Sigil.
World Bosses There are 3 World Bosses that you can defeat with other players to earn great rewards. You can battle against Ashava, Avarice and the Wandering Death.
Legion Events Legion Events can happen in a few locations around Sanctuary. When the event begins, you will see red dots and points of interest on your mini-map.
Helltide events This limited-time event requires that gamers  vanquish stronger versions of demons to get rich loot.

How to summon Duriel

If you are interested in defeating Duriel to acquire Tibault’s Will, you have to get his summoning materials. In order to summon this endgame boss, you need to procure Mucus-Slick Eggs and Shards of Agony.

Mucus-Slick Eggs can be obtained by destroying the Echo of Varshan on World Tier 4. You may have to conquer the boss several times to acquire 2 Mucus-Slick Eggs. You can defeat Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint to earn Shards of Agony.

Once you have 2 Mucus-Slick Eggs and 2 Shards of Agony, you can head to the Gaping Crevasse dungeon and place the resources on the altar to summon Duriel.

How to defeat Duriel

Duriel will spawn almost instantly once you have placed the resources on the altar. We recommend that you optimize your build for maximum survivability before summoning the boss. When the fight begins, you must kill the adds as soon as they spawn.

Furthermore, you will see that there are holes forming on the ground, which you should stay away from, as the adds will spawn from them.

The adds, as well as Duriel, will use poison to attack your character and therefore, we recommend that you use an Elixir of Poison Resistance to avoid using all of your healing potions to recover from the poison.

To make the fight easier, you can invite other players to help you defeat Duriel. Inviting other players will maximize the rewards that Duriel drops.

Even though the items are not tradeable, it will drop for all Diablo 4 players when this is done in a group.

Which classes should use Tibault’s Will?

All classes can benefit from Tibault’s Will, however, Barbarians can craft an entire build around the Unstoppable status effect. If you equip Tibault’s Will, it can dramatically change your damage output for the better.

We therefore recommend that all Barbarian players get Tibault’s Will as soon as possible to increase their damage output.

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